Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A few of my faves...

I am VERY in to a few things right now and I just felt like sharing!

China Glase has 2 colors that I've been obsessing over lately!
Ruby Pumps (my ALL TIME FAVE Christmas color)

And Lubu Heels:

I love my new holiday Scentsy burner! I have it on ALL THE TIME! I believe the scent I have in it is Snoberry. The scent I have in the kitchen is Christmas Cottage and together they smell SO GOOD!

I have also been mildly obsessed with Shutterfly! I ordered our Christmas cards from there, started a family website, ordered some pictures, and made some calenders! It's definitely a great website!

There are lots more things I've been enjoying lately but I thought I'd just share a few.

I can't believe it's already December! This year has flown by, that is for sure. I still have more Christmas decor to put up but for some reason, I just haven't had the motivation. Maybe I will finally get it all done tomorrow on my day off. But I won't hold my breath! Ha!

I did get most of our cards addressed last night and I'm hoping to get them done tonight so I can send them off by Friday! It's definitely one of my fave things to get done this time of year. There is something about sending them off and knowing I'm ahead of the game. Makes me happy!

I'm totally copying from one of my besties, Jenna, and making a CA-UTE card holder! Check out her blog to see what she did (she is ALWAYS making the cutest things and I am beyond envious! LOVE YOU GIRL!)! I cannot WAIT! We got our first card in the mail yesterday so I need to hurry and get our holder done before the card flood gates open!

OH! I totally just remembered! One of our friends got a group of us tickets to the NYE Laughing Matters again this year. I cannot wait! We had huge group go last year and had the best time! I know this year will be just as fun! We are beyond blessed to have such wonderful friends, who happen to also be our theatre family!

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