Friday, October 30, 2009

Thanks O!

I got an email yesterday (several actually) telling me about an awesome promotion Oprah was doing with Payless Shoesource. It was a coupon for 50% off your entire purchase, no gimmicks! I jumped on this like a mouse on cheese! I figured there wasn't anything that was desperately needed, but with a deal like that I could find something! So I printed off the coupon and to Payless I went! I was lucky enough to receive this information earlier in the day so I ended up actually finding stuff AND beating the ridiculous crowds. I headed straight to the baby section to find Mr B some kicks and possibly a pair for my niece, Avery (her birthday party is tonight and I've already gotten her something--a tutu outfit from Molly @ TuTu Cute by Molly--but I figured a cheap pair of shoes would be fun too!). I found 2 pairs for Brogan, one pair for now and one the next size up, and I found a cute pair for Miss Avery! Then it was on to my size shoes! I ended up finding 3 pairs for myself, 2 being on sale! I was SOOOO excited! I got up to the register to pay (not even looking at the scarves, hats, jewelry, or purses...kicking myself still) and my total came to $38!! I was extremely excited! I called Tommy with my great news and he was totally all about going for himself later! I know I probably seem like a stuck up wife to have gotten herself and baby shoes but not the man of the house....but that is the one thing I will NOT buy for my husband. He's too picky about his shoes! I did end up with a scarf, however, yesterday because my 'nicer than me' husband bought the one I'd been eyeing! :) Thanks babe!

I never thought I'd thank Oprah for anything--the lady gets on my nerves at times--but I sure am today! THANK YOU O!!

Hope everyone has a wonderfully spooky and safe Halloween weekend!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. Cold...GO AWAY!

I'm feeling icky today...majorly icky. My nose is stuffy, my eyes hurt, my head is going to explode, and I'm so, so tired. I really hope I can kick this before this weekend!

Friday night my brother, sis in law, and niece are coming in from Chicago and we're having a (late) 1st birthday party for my niece! I cannot wait to see them and snuggle that sweet baby girl...if I'm feeling better! I don't want to have to stay away from her and her sweet cheeks :)

Saturday is obviously a big day! I am so excited to take our little monkey around to trick or treat...and then I have to wait around for 9:00 pm. That's what time I have to be at the theatre for our 10 pm show. Talk about tired! Then after the show is over, we're heading to a HUGE Halloween bash!! I'll have to be sure to post pictures of our costumes! They're no surprise. Tommy is dressing up as a character from the new movie '9' and I'm going as a zombie ballerina--only because I'll already be nasty from the show AND I wanted to be somewhat cute. We'll see how it turns out :)

Sunday I plan on sleeping in (Brogan will be at my in laws) and Sunday night we're heading to Kansas City to see the 'So You Think You Can Dance' tour! I'm so excited! It's a late anniversary outing :)

The Monday...the girl is OFF WORK! Brogan is staying the night at my mom's house (2 nights in a row...I'm excited AND sad!) Sunday night while we're out and then he's just going to stay at her house Monday during the day. While he's away, this momma is going to sleep in and tackle the house! Since I've been in this show, I've not give any attention to cleaning--not much anyway.

So...Mr. Cold or whatever you are, please stay away so I can enjoy my weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo at the Zoo/Gary's Berries

This is just a cute picture of my little man in his Halloween jammies!

This weekend was FULL of Fall fun!! Saturday morning was spent at Boo at the Zoo! Sadly, Tommy couldn't come with us because he was working a side job so I took one of my best girlfriends, Bethany, along! We went to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte to begin the day and to get in the Fall mood. We got to Gage Park to find that the place was PACKED! We quickly put Brogan in his adorable monkey costume and away we went! Once we got inside the zoo we met up with 2 of my fave girls, Molly and Kela and their adorable children! Brogan did pretty good for the most part as long as we were moving. But once we stopped for longer than 30 seconds, the kid was FUSSY and wanted out of his stroller! So being the push over mommy that I am, I took him out. It was fun to watch him toddle around in his costume but it was wearing me out! We then got seperated from the other girls and never did see them again...sorry Moll :( We walked around getting candy and looking at the animals. It was such a gorgeous day to be at the zoo! I wish we could've enjoyed it more but there was just SO many people! Holy Smokes! With all the commotion aside, we had a great time and cannot wait to do it again next year! Although, I believe I will get him a wagon for next year. I think he'll be more comfortable and have a lot more room to stretch out! Plus he'll be another year older and hopefully will sit patiently...fingers crossed.

Here are some pictures from Boo at the Zoo!

Sunday afternoon was spent with some great people at Gary's Berries...a local Pumpkin patch/corn maze/other fun things! We took Brogan to my mom's for the afternoon so we could have some adult fun time :) We met some of our friends who are in Evil Dead with me. We made sure to do EVERYTHING they had to offer! The corn maze, Piiig Races, a huge bouncy thing, hayrack ride, and of course we ate YUMMY things, like Funnel Cakes and Apple Cider Slushies! I'll leave you with some pictures from our day! We all felt like kids again and it was SOOOO much fun...seriously, the best time I've had in a LONG time! Very. Much. Needed.

Jumping on the giant jumpy-thing!

The Piiig Races
*Us four girls got to 'call' the pigs (made me think of Ashley and Kelly!)! My piggie won so I got the prize of a plastic pig nose! Highlight of my day :)

Me and my honey on the Hayrack Ride

This is me (and my butt) trying to get in this large rocking chair...I made it but whew! It was a workout!

Eatin' some cotton candy!

Just bein' silly!

Hope you all had a fabulous Fall weekend!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have been trying and trying to come up with a post that would help me feel better, help me vent some frustrations, just help. But for days and days I've just been signing on Blogger, catching up on posts, and signing off. I feel there is way to much on my plate to express right now but this feels, in some way, that it's helping. I just need someone, or no one, to know that my happy face I put on daily, is a lie. As bad as I want to delete that line, I can't. I don't need someone to ask me what's wrong or how they can help, I just need. But what? I don't know. I'm just not happy. Yes, I'm blessed beyond what I can see...but I can't see it. The only thing that is making me happy and getting me through the day is my son. I love him more than life and I know I have to be Super Mom for him. But I need a super hero. I don't like to feel like this.

I'm struggling.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

*Updated*Just a little sneak peak...

Evil Dead: The Musical opens this weekend and the cast couldn't be more ready! Here are a few pictures from a recent rehearsal!

Also, here is the link to a short article our local news paper did on the show!

And here is one of a ton of pictures!

I'll be sure to post more pictures once I get some! And I'll be sure to post about our opening weekend!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Show Us Your Life--Baby Gear

Show Us Your Life (hosted by Kelly @ Kelly's Korner) is all about our favorite Baby Gear this week!

The things we LOVED for our Brogan Boy:

1) Bassinet: Brogan slept in our room until he was just about 3 months old and the bassinet was a life savor (this was borrowed from my dear friend Tera @ Shootin' The Breeze with Momma Giff)! It was so nice having him so close to us during the night, especially since I was nursing him. I'd just pick him up without having to get out of my bed! Plus it was just nice knowing I could reach over and touch him to make sure he was still breathing!

2) Swing: (This was also a hand me down) OH MY LORDIE was this a God send!! We actually used this right away one night when Brogan would not stop screaming! He loved the movement! We used this until he was about 5-6 months and was starting to sit up to look at the dog on the floor. I was so nervous that he would tip the swing over, we stopped using it. When we have another baby, I will be purchasing a different swing. I loved the one we had but I'd rather have one that reclines a little more and has a mobile the baby can look at.

3) Bumbo seat w/tray: I loved this thing! When Brogan first starting eating rice cereal, he was still too small for his high chair so we got a Bumbo seat with a tray for him to use. It worked great! It was also nice to use to have him practice sitting up and knowing he wouldn't tip over.

4) Boppy Pillow: I used this thing almost every time I nursed Brogan! I kinda wish I wouldn't have gotten so dependent on it but at least I got my money's worth out of it! It was also nice to have when we were holding him and didn't want to cause 'too much strain on our arms'...hahaha, can we say lazy!?! I will definitely use this with the next baby but hopefully I can get used to nursing without having to use this, or another pillow for that matter.

5) High chair: We LOVE our high chair! It's not the plastic kind with animal print or anything like that. We wanted something very neutral and we really wanted a wooden high chair. We found one that is perfect! What I love so much about it is that there is a plastic cover for the tray that way we don't have to worry about the wood tray getting messed up. After every meal, I wash the plastic tray so he usually eats his snack on the wooden tray. That way I feel like it's not pointless to have '2' trays...make sense? Well to me it does so I guess that's what matters! :)

There are so many other things that worked great for us, but these are the main things.

Writing and reading about all these baby things makes the urge to have another baby a tad bit stronger! If my hubbie knew that, he'd kill me! :)

I'm hoping you all have a great Fall weekend! Bring on the cider and pumpkins!