Thursday, April 30, 2009


So my friend wrote a couple blogs this week about her feelings towards a certain guy contestant on American Idol. This inspired me to write a little about how I feel about Mr. Adam Lame-bert...oh sorry, is that not his name? A few of my friends are very suprised that I, being a very theatrical person myself, do not like this theatrical singer. Well, I DO love theatre, musical theatre, etc. However, I do NOT like OVER THE TOP, OUTRAEGEOUS performers. Adam is talented yes, I'll give him that. But he has the most annoying, winey, screachy, screaming singing voice E-V-E-R!!!! Plus, as my friend Molly point out in her blog post today, the boy wears TOO MUCH eye makeup! A little guy-liner, ok; Pete Wentz does it. But eye shadow that looks like something I might wear when I go out, is redonkulous! Seriously, buddy, a clue would be nice.

So with all that being said....the Guffey household was THRILLED when Adam was in the bottom 2 last night on AI. But sad to say, he ended up staying and Matt got sent home. Boo!!!! I'm hoping that next week might be a different story! FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED!

Hope you all feel the same as we do about Adam!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (some pics of MoD Walk)

Not Me Monday (on a Wednesday)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Praise to our ever amazing God! Stellan is HOME! Hopefully now MckMama will be able to start her 'Not Me Monday's' again! Keep prayin' it up for baby Stellan!

Ok...where do I start? Let's start by saying that I have NOT been procrastinating posting a 'Not Me'! Last week was NOT a fun week! I did NOT do some shopping with my girlfriend to get tons of fun stuff for our MoD walk for Maddie! We did NOT make cute shirts with Maddie's sweet face on them and did NOT get quite a few purple things to decorate our strollers/wagons/etc. I'll be sure to NOT post something about our walk this week, along with NOT posting pictures. :)

Saturday morning, me and my sweet hubbie did NOT drive 45 minutes to his skydiving appointment, only to find out that it was NOT canceled due to weather. WHATEVER! We had NOT just turned on the road they were located when I got the message. Not to worry, the appoinment did NOT get rescheduled for May 16 @ 9:30 am so I will be sure to NOT post pictures after it happens. The rest of Saturday was NOT spent loving on my sweet baby and NOT lying around on the couch with my hubbie. Nope, NOT us :)

Sunday was NOT an amazing nap day for my Brogan! He did NOT take 3 naps all together and the last one was NOT 2 1/2 hours! I did NOT get a chance to take my time getting ready and NOT watching a whole movie by myself! SO NICE! That evening, I did NOT attend my hubbie's cast party and did NOT meet some pretty nice peeps. Afterwards, I did NOT go pick up my smiling baby from his grandma's house and he did NOT sack out in the car on the way home!

All in all, I did NOT have a good week! And I canNOT wait until next week to tell you all about what I'm NOT doing this week :)

What have you NOT been doing lately??? Hmmm...?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting ready...

It's just about time to start our MoD Walk For Maddie! I'll be sure to post about our journey this weekend! Complete with tons of pics!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A rough start to a great day!

I had a very rough start to my day...I'd go in to details but if I do, I'll just get worked up again and I'm starting to move past it so we'll just leave it as--my hubbie! I decided after I got Brogan up and fed that I was not going to sit around my house all day and do chores (which I need to do SOOOOOO very badly...oh well, Sunday will be the day for all that) so I called up my partner is oh-so-many-crimes, Miss Molly. She has a ritual EVER Saturday..she drops her oldest daughter off at dance and then proceeds to Starbuck's with her youngest daughter to meer her dad. Welp, as I stated earlier, I wanted out of the house so I invited myself to Starbucks! I put Brogan down for a quick nap because I just knew this day was going to be spent running around and having fun! After he woke up, we got dressed and hit the town! Starbuck's was busy but well worth the wait...this morning was a morning caffeine was needed! I got myself a Viente Caramel Frappacino (something I'd never tried) and let me tell you, it was D-E-LICIOUS! I might have also had a piece of Lemon Pound Cake...maybe. After that, we packed up the babies and started our busy day! We picked up Macie, Molly's oldest, and headed to Target. Now, I was on a mission to buy some stuff but I just wasn't sure what. Then, after strolling thru the aisles, I saw it. A stinkin' cute shower curtain that we be perfect on our guest bathroom! So...without a second thought, I stuck it in my cart...along with a matching shower mat! Did I mention it was stinkin' cute!?! :) *Please see picture*

After I got my start with the shower curtain/mat, I wanted to get some more fun things for my bathroom! Molly said I could have 2 white shelves of hers (YES!!!), I got a bright blue picture frame, perfect for a picture of Brogan after his bath time, and I copied Molly's idea for a crafty project...again, please see picture!

I was pretty impressed with the amount of money I did NOT spend today...I was pretty sure I was gonna drop quite a bit on my new found project but I actually did not. I haven't added it up yet, but I just know, ok? :)

Not only have I been wanting to finish our guest bathroom, but I've also desperately wanted to redecorate our mastor bedroom. I finally got the 'ok' from my hubbie so I've been searching for the perfect comforter set. I found one online about a month ago but I just wasn't sure about ordering if offline. in our shopping spree, I actually found it at Gorman's!! And it was even cheaper than online! Plus not only did they have the color I saw online, they had a different color too!! WAHOO! Now I just have to make a choice.

When I arrived home from my day-o-shopping, my hubbie suprised me with one of my favorite things EVER!

Oh and he had also drawn this...

Can we say suck up? :) I also have a list of things for him to do around the house tomorrow to make up for not-said issue...mostly just hanging things up around the house!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pour myself a nice glass of Relax and watch a movie with my sister!

Hope you all (or 2) have a fabulous rest of the weekend!!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh the shananigans...

Today I had the pleasure of going to lunch with one of my best girlfriendsm Molly, and of course, our favorite boy! We went to THE BEST PLACE EVER--Chipolte! I haven't been there since I was pregnant with Brogan and it was something that I desperately needed ;) It was super delicious and the company was wonderful! I had to laugh when I left my awesome lunch because I realized, when me and Molly get together we tend to spot the most OUTRAGEOUS people and talk about them. Oops...definitely not something that looks good on a resume, but whatev! I mean, if you would've seen some of the people, heard some of the conversations, or witnessed some of their stupid behavior, you totally would've joined us in our snickering. This probably makes us look shallow and rude, but I KNOW everyone does it and I've already asked for forgiveness :)

I hope someone made you giggle today!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

My First (kinda long) 'Not Me Monday'

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. (Since her son, Stellan, has been in the hospital she hasn't been doing her 'Not Me's' but you can browse some of her older 'Not Me' posts!)

My 4 day weekend was NOT full of fun with my baby boy! Absolutely NOT! I would NEVER want to spend so much time with Mr. Brogan, no way! Let's start with new SUV did NOT stop running on me out of the blue and did NOT have to get towed to the car dealerships garge. And also it did NOT have to be taken to a different garge to be fixed....and I did NOT, in turn, have to drive a MINI VAN (pictures to follow)! Friday was NOT a great day with my baby boy...NOT just lounging in jammies, NOT taking great naps (him, not me), and NOT getting TONS of laundry and house work done! Nope NOT this gal! Friday night was NOT spent with one of my bestest friends and her new boyfriend...who is absolutely NOT perfect for her! :) Saturday morning I did NOT get to ride around in a fashionable mini van while NOT going to get my hair cut...and while I was there, I did NOT get fantastic news that our SUV was fixed and ready to be picked up! I was NOT overly excited about NOT having to drive the NOT so cute mini van anymore! Hallelujah! Saturday night was NOT spent with my wonderful hubbie and our sweet baby. It was a NOT very much needed night (ok this sentence seriously does NOT make sense or sound correct but whatev!). Sunday was NOT a great first Easter for Brogan! He did NOT go on his first Easter hunt nor did he NOT make out like a bandit with some great Easter gifts! We did NOT make it to a church service Sunday morning which did NOT make me disappointed. But the day went on and was NOT great! Monday morning did NOT come very fast but it did bring a very smiley baby on this NOT very rainy day!
Thanks for reading my 'Not Me Monday' post!
What did you NOT do this weekend? Anything exciting?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!! I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday! I know my little family did! Brogan made out with some pretty cute Easter goodies and even had an Easter egg hunt (in the rain)! He looked super cute in both his Easter outfits! Take a look for your self...........

I can't wait till next year when Brogan can actually walk around and search for his eggs!
Again, hope you all had a great Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just one more thing...

I hardly post as it is so 3 in one day is quite the accomplishment for me! But I just wanted to say how absolutely blessed I am to have such a wonderful family and great friends. Some people go thru so much pain that it seems hard to keep going on. But because of Someone much bigger than we can even imagine, life is possible. This Easter season, I'm thankful, grateful, and just happy to be where I'm at in life!

Thank you Jesus for sacrificing yourself for me!!!

Remembering Maddie

***Update*** I forgot to mention that Maddie was only 1 1/2 years old (November 11, 2007 - April 7, 2009)

This is a post from Meghan at A Mom Two Boys. It's a very heartwrenching story of a little girl who was taken to early to be with her Father. Please feel free to post a blog in remembrance of this sweet baby girl, Maddie.


Sweet, beautiful Maddie passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, April 7th, 2009. The outpouring of love from around the country, and the world, has been overwhelming. Thank you, so much, to everyone who’s offered love, support, well wishes, prayers, comfort and every other form of encouragement to Maddie’s family. She was an amazing little girl who will be missed by thousands of people, many of whom had never even met her in person.
Heather and Mike have asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to March of Dimes in Maddie’s memory.
A PayPal Account has been set up to assist Heather and Mike with any upcoming expenses. You can donate by sending money, via PayPal to All money received will go directly to the
If you want to show Mike and Heather your love and support in person, further details on services for Maddie will be available as they are arranged. The service will be as soon as possible, and they’re asking that everyone wear purple. If you are in the Los Angeles area, or want to be in the area for the event, the March for Babies Team Maddie walk is Saturday, April 25th. Click the March of Dimes link above for more information.


Please keep the family and friends of this precious little girl in your prayers! They need a ton of strength right now! I know that Maddie is in Heaven with her Maker having the time of her life!

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just a little bummed...

Today was a LONG day! I had to pull double duty at work today and I ran my butt off today. I did get a great suprise out of it, however. A very nice 'thank you' from my boss! But the thing that I'm bummed out about it this--absolutely no time with my baby! I saw Brogan this morning for a brief few minutes and because I didn't get to leave the office today for lunch, I didn't get to see him until after I got off work--at 6 pm. Keep in mind, Brogan has been going to bed between 7:15 and 7:30 AND I had to give him a bath tonight as well. I'm in tears typing this because I am so sad that I hardly got time with him! I know it's just one night but it's also a night that I really needed to play! Plus, Tommy hasn't been home a lot lately because of school projects. I can't wait till May so we can spend our evenings as a family!

I am excited to spend the day with Brogan tomorrow and with Tommy for most of the day. We're going to get out and about to enjoy the weather! And then tomorrow night, mommy and daddy get to have a night out with friends!

I better get goin' pug Gus is wanting to snuggle and it's very hard to say no to that sweet, flat face!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some ramblings...

I'm sitting here waiting for my baby to wake up and it's SO quiet...but I'm definitely loving it! I'm not excited about the cold weather that is sticking's APRIL, let's have some warmer weather (although the weather man just showed me the 10 day forcast and it looks like warm weather is coming! HALLELUJAH!). I'm sad that Britney Spears is going to be in KC tonight and I'll be sitting at home on my couch. I really hope I can get caught up on the laundry today so my husband can have some clean clothes to wear to work (althought the kid has a million clothes in his closet but somehow whenever he wants to wear a specific shirt, I have it in the laundry...whatev). My baby has got to be the cutest little thing I've ever seen and I can't believe how absolutely blessed I am to have him. I saw a pregnancy shirt just now that I really want so therefore it makes me want to be pregnant again. If I don't talk to my husband soon about redecorating our bedroom, I might very well go crazy--he's home tonight so I'm going to make a point to tell him about it, not ask, just tell :) I can't believe how addicted I am to other peoples blogs--they are my therapy! My baby is waking up now so I guess my ramble session is over...

Sorry so's how I roll.