Friday, September 24, 2010

Brogan's Birthday Party (FINALLY!)

This might be more of a picture post since I have so many!

We decided to do a Dr. Seuss theme this year and I had so much fun decorating! Everything went over splendidly and Brogan had a great time...and he got spoiled like CRAZY! This kid is set with Fall/Winter clothes for sure, and for that we're so thankful!

The only 'issue' we had was when it came time for cake. We had been singing and singing 'Happy Birthday' to Brogan for a couple weeks just for fun and he loved it every time. We thought for sure he'd love everyone singing to him and making a big deal of him. Well...we thought wrong. Apparently he doesn't like when more than 2 people sing to him. He was scared and cried the whole time we sang to him! I hated to laugh but it was so cute. After it was over and he blew out his candle, he was just fine. He dug right in to that cake...mouth first! That's my kind of cake eating!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

Wow, what a productive, yet relaxing weekend! Friday night, the hubs and I decided just to stay in, spend time with our boy, and watch our Netflix movie that we've had for a LONG. TIME. It was so nice! We haven't taken time to watch a movie for a while and it was much needed! We watched 'Brothers' and it was very good. I'd definitely recommend it!

Saturday was Brogan's birthday party (a post and LOTS of pictures to come!) and it went great! He had so much fun and got lots and lots of goodies. We won't have to worry about a Fall/Winter wardrobe that's for sure! We're very blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that love and adore our son as much as we do!

Saturday evening, two of my best friends came over to see Brogan and have left over cake! They love him so much and it just warms my heart to know that! After Brogan FINALLY went to sleep (it took him a while...probably due to a LARGE amount of sugar he had!) we poured some wine and watched 'Julie and Julia'. I'd never seen it before and I really did enjoy it! It was such a cute, girly movie :) I will admit I fell asleep before it was over but what I did see was really good!

Sunday, Brogan and I went to church or rather, his Sunday School class. He started Sunday School last Sunday (technically he should still be in the nursery since he wasn't 2 until AFTER September 1st but they let him stay in the class as long as I/he was ok with it and so far so good!) and I'm still sitting with him in his class, just until he gets used to it. Brogan wasn't so sure about the music portion of the class, which is totally bizarre giving who his parents are. He loves music and dancing but I don't think he likes LOTS of people singing around him. So...instead of forcing him to join in and having to hear him cry, we walked up and down the hallways and ended up back in his classroom to play with the toys until the other kids came back. They got to play with playdough and eat snacks! He loved it and I'm hoping within the next couple weeks, I'll be able to leave him there so I can enjoy some adult church :)

Sunday afternoon was GREAT! Brogan took an excellent nap which could've allowed me to take a nap as well but every time I lay down, I think of a thousand other things I could be doing and get up to do them. I painted some letters for a Halloween craft I'm working on, I did the dishes, cleaned the floors, and started going through Brogan's toys in the living room and packing up all his baby toys. I swear, it looked like he had NOTHING left! But he did just get some cool new toys for his birthday, so he'll be just fine! After B woke up, I sorted toys and books in his bedroom as well. It felt good to get some stuff cleared out and make room for new stuff! The weekend always seems complete when by Sunday evening, the house is clean and picked up! Makes me sleep easy...haha!

I'm ready for this week of TV! All the new shows and seasons are starting and I can't wait!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The last few (or so) days...

Last Saturday morning, I joined one of my best friends in the Breast Cancer walk. Both of my grandma's were diagnosed and fought very hard against breast cancer and it was great to walk in their honor/memory. We walked the 3.4 miles in 1 hour and 3 minutes and felt amazing afterward! We're also going to walk in a BC walk in October also! I love doing something fun for a great cause :)

Here was us after we got finished:

Sunday, we took Brogan to Sesame Street Live for the very first time! Our seats were amazing! Both Tommy and I confessed to each other that we were fighting off tears when we saw how extremely excited Brogan was when all the characters first came out. That was definitely a mommy moment I'll never forget! Brogan only got fussy a few times when he wanted to get down and run up on stage but we obviously wouldn't let him! He would've given anything to give Elmo a HUGE hug!

Brogan's 2nd birthday was Monday and we decided to spend the morning as a family! Tommy doesn't work on Mondays and only has class from 1-4, which worked out great since that's normally when Brogan is napping anyway. We woke up and got ready for our family morning. We took Brogan to our local zoo and he had a great time! He loves animals and being outside! There were hardly any people at the zoo so it was nice having the place (almost) all to ourselves. After we left the zoo, we headed to a new little diner close to our house for lunch. It was so good!

Brogan took a great nap and allowed this momma to get some rest and housework done! Later in the evening, Tommy had to get some homework done so I took Mr. B to a school playground close to our house that we'd never been to before. He had a freaking BLAST!!!! Oh my goodness! He would've stayed there all night if I'd let him. We even went back on Tuesday night (with daddy!) to try it all out again.

I can't believe we have a 2 year old....I have cried several times in the last couple weeks. I love him so much and have enjoyed the last 2 years (plus my pregnancy!) more than I ever thought I could. He brings more joy to my life than anything else(besides the hubbs). I absolutely love being a mommy, especially since it's to a perfect little boy.

Today Brogan had his 2 year checkup and it was a little traumatic. He freaked out the second Nurse Ellie tried to lay him down to see how tall he was. It was downhill from there! It was about time for him to get his Hepatitis A shot and we figured if he was already in a grumpy mood, we might as well go for it. Before the shot, the doctor checked everything over and said he looked perfect! He weighs 28 pounds and is 35 inches tall. Tall and skinny, like his daddy! Of course, the shot time was horrible but he calmed down pretty quick and was fine after that. I was even able to run some quick errands afterward.

Saturday is his Dr Seuss themed birthday party! I'm so excited for him! I can't wait to post pictures!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So Many Topics!

I have a list, seriously, of posts I need to do. Hopefully I can find time tonight or tomorrow during nap time to post them! There are TONS of pictures included!

Here is my list, just in case you were curious :)

Breast Cancer Walk
Sesame Street Live
Brogan's Birthday
Trip to the Zoo
Brogan's Birthday Party (happening Saturday but still on the list!)

On a side note, I'm SO excited for my Fall TV schedule! After Brogan goes to bed, the hubbs and I snuggle up (sometimes) on the couch and start the DVR! We love so many of the same shows but I've found a good one who will watch my sappy girly shows with me. He tends to open his mouth a bit much and make fun of the sappy, sometimes horribly written shows, but I can live with that as long as we're in the same room together!

Today it's so rainy and yucky here...I LOVE IT! I wish I could be home in my jammies, with the windows open and just enjoy the morning!

Alright, I'm off to do some actual work! Cross those fingers I get my blog list done!!

Happy (rainy) Wednesday!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Terrific Thursday, Elmo, and MOPS

Even though here in Topeka, KS it's cloudy and drizzling, I've had a terrific Thursday so far! I started early on my 'chores', got to sit down and enjoy 2 cups of coffee (oops!), put more Fall decorations out, and lots of play time and Elmo! Speaking of Elmo, my son has become a HUGE fan of Elmo, Dorothy, and Abby Cadabby (Abby Dabby in Brogan's words). This coming weekend, Sesame Street Live is coming to our city. We've always talked about taking Brogan to something like this eventually but we didn't think it'd be now. But as much as he talks about Elmo and wants to watch his movies 24-7, we figured now would be a perfect time! Plus, his 2nd birthday is Monday so this will be part of his birthday present! I could not be more excited!!! I never got to do these things when I was little so I'm more than thrilled to experience this with our son. AND we got REALLLLLY close seats! He is going to flip! I can't wait!

Also, I just got an invite on Facebook to possibly be a part of a MOPS group! I am MORE THAN THRILLED about this! I've always wanted to get involved in something like this but being a full time working mom, that wasn't an option. However, this group meets every other Thursday morning; my day OFF! This is definitely something I'm going to pray hard about! I think it'd be a great way for me to meet new mom's and for Brogan to meet new little friends!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{title unknown}

Oh my peas has it been a long time since I've posted! Excuse my Super Why! son may have a slight obsession with that show!

We've been super busy the last couple months! My niece was born (Sloan Elizabeth), Tommy jumped out of a plane, the school year started, Brogan's first haircut, family gatherings, an awards ceremony, planning a certain little boys 2nd birthday, the start of college football and tailgating(Go State!), etc.

I also am having my friend Kim (Surprise!) hold me accountable for blogging more. I LOVE blogging and it has been an outlet for me in the past. We've had some ups and downs lately and I know had I blogged about it, I would've felt better. So...Kimmi? HELP ME BLOG MORE!

So, to make sure this isn't a long winded post, here are some pictures from the last couple months to just 'update' you.

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