Friday, January 29, 2010

Crafty Queen

My best friend Molly is CRAZY talented...I like to think of her as a Crafty Queen! She makes tutus, bows, shirts, name it, she makes it! :)

Love her, love her crafts, love her babies, and mostly...I love that she's my best friend!

(Please visit her blog and see what she's been up to!! You'll love it!)

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My Chocolate Boy

Lately, whenever I pick up Brogan from my parents house, he throws a HUGE fit when we have to leave! He loves his Gramma and Papa (and his mama too; he talks about me all day)! On Wednesday, he was throwing one of these fits so I bribed him with a miniature Hershey's candy bar. I figured he'd just hold on to it until we got home and I'd give him a little as a treat. Well...this happened.

That little stinker got the wrapper undone and was chowin' down! I couldn't help but laugh (and stop by my office so my friend could take his picture!) and let him finish his rewarding treat. He sure does love his chocolate!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Look At Those Curls!

It sure is hard to think about cutting off these precious curls! I think we'll keep them around for awhile....

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Bargain Shopping Day

I had a few hours of kidless running around so I took advantage! I got my nails done and decided to do a little shopping....for Brogan of course! I had heard The Children's Place was having an amazing $2.99 sale and I felt the urge to check it out. I got quite a bit of great stuff for this coming fall/winter; mostly tops since this child is the hardest to fit jeans! I also hit up Target to see if they had anything good...and they did, of course! I got several tops that were all 50% off, making them $3 each! I did get a couple sizeable jeans that weren't on sale but I figured it was worth it :)

Here are a couple pictures of what I got!

I might go back to get some more things for Brogan AND for my nieces!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey T-Bone!

I'm NOT talking about a steak here folks. I was in a car accident yesterday during my lunch break and I was T-Boned. Here is what happened:

I was heading home after grabbing something to eat (which never did enter my stomach) and I was stopped at a 2 way stop. I was facing east waiting to cross and to my left was a LARGE FedEx truck wanting to turn left. Because he was there, I could not see the oncoming traffic from the North. I sat there for what seemed like forever and turned to look at the FedEx driver. He motioned to me what looked like "You're good, go ahead and cross" -- if I could 'show' you the hand gesture I would. So, naturally, I went. And then the scariest thing happened EVER! I got T-boned by a Chevy Suburban going 35 mph. It all happened really fast! I honestly didn't see the damage to either vehicle except for my front tire which is tilting in. I had to wait for the towing company to come get my vehicle because the police officer advised me not to drive it. I waited for what seemed like FOREVER for the tow company to get there and another 25 minutes watching the mechanic (who had NEVER done any sort of towing before...great, thanks.) try to get my car up on the bed. Finally, his boss and another guy showed up and got my car up on the bed within 5 minutes. Ugh. I talked to my insurance company and got things straightened out and we only have to pay our deductible, thank God. And because I had Brogan's car seat in the back seat, I have to get a new one which will be paid for in full by my insurance company. I'm pretty sore today but thank God I work for a chiropractor! I've been getting adjusted all day today and I did get a massage GC from Tommy for Christmas! That will definitely be coming in handy the next couple weeks!

Oh and the funny thing is (well not funny really but whatev) this all happened not even a block away from my house.

No one was hurt; I have a small ticket to pay for a 'stop sign violation'; I have a wonderful father-in-law who is letting us use his truck till ours is finished getting fixed; and I can get a cute, new car seat for Brogan. It was a shitty (pardon me) day but there is always a silver lining, right?

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A Whole Lotta Cute!

Here are some pictures of my youngest niece, Avery! I edited them for fun and I think they turned out pretty good!

She's a whole lotta cute, that's for sure!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bach Recap # 4

We ventured to Molly's house last night to watch the Bachelor and eat tasty Thai food -- my first time! I loved it, by the way. I have to say, we LOVED last nights episode and the tiny bits of drama that always seems to happen.

The girls are officially moved out of the Bachelor house. They are all living on 2 really nice RV's which is kinda funny cause they are forced to be with each other. All the girls are seeming to get along with everyone except Vienna. She's crazy and she is NOT the one for Jake.

The first one on one was with Gia. Now, from the beginning she has not been my most fave. We all decided that her laugh...has got. to. go. For their date, they went to a winery, played hide and go seek in the fields (kinda weird but cute in the same way), and had s'mores and hot dogs by a fire pit. They did get cuddly and smooch a lot so we figured she was definitely getting her rose. She did. She stayed. Eh, could be worse I guess.

The group date included the rest of the girls, except Gia (obviously), Ella, and Kathryn. For the date, they all went dune buggy-ing (that's totally not a word) and sand surfing. Ali and Vienna Sausage had several things to say to each other, face to face and behind their backs. I love it but I do think that Ali is starting to get a little caddy and I just hope she is careful with how she acts. Anyway. Vienna and Jesse (? I don't remember) got their buggy stuck on top of a sand dune so of course our hero in shining armor saved the day. After all the sand adventures, they had a nice little picnic dinner in the sand and afterwards Jake asked if anyone would like to 'roll down the hills'. I was surprised when no one jumped up, except Corrie. Good for her! She needed some time with Jake to show him she's a good girl who should stick around. They looked like they had a blast rolling down the hill and being goofy. When all was said and done in the sand, they all had the pleasure of going to this beautiful mansion/hotel place to get all de-sanded and pretty. My favorite (but not really) part of that evening was when Jake asked Vienna to go have a one on one with him and she responded "I'd like to have the last one on one with you"...Um WHAT?!?! This is HIS show to find HIS wife not the other way around sista. (BTW: Here is one reason I don't like Vienna: she said in her confessional time when someone else had one on one with Jake that "I guess it's ok for her to have 30 seconds with Jake since he's going to be my husband" WHAT?!?! Weirdo. AND she called him her boyfriend at one point in the show...whatever lady. But she did fall on her face while playing in the sand and we LOVED that. Side note: Molly, Katie, Melisa, and myself are truly nice girls...we would NEVER treat anyone like the way we talk about these girls...promise!)

Jake had great one on ones with all the girls that night EXCEPT Ashleigh. Whoa. She was totally putting herself out there (and looked wasted) and Jake did not seemed impressed. He said himself he thought she looked amazing but he just didn't feel an attraction to her and he really wanted to. Ali and Jake had great conversation and I really think he's starting to fall for her. Tenley is a doll and Jake and her TOTALLY go together! They're both that 'nerdy, good kid' that you love! And Tenley is the girl who got the rose on this date!

Jake had the "2 girls, 1 rose" date with Ella and Kathryn. They had a very awkward dinner where Jake and Ella seemed to talk the most and Kathryn felt like the third wheel. There was even a point when Kathryn tried to pipe in and join the convo but she was immediately interrupted by Ella. Us girls felt so bad for her and WE even felt awkward. Jake had some time to talk to each girl privately and he seemed to have great convo with each girl. Ella and Kathryn were both VERY honest with Jake and seemed to put their foot down with some things that had been bothering them. We had a feeling both girls were going home, mostly since the outfit he was wearing was the same outfit he had on in the previews of him throwing the rose in the fire (which was cheesy and not that dramatic...good one ABC.) Well, we were right and he ended up sending both girls home. (Kathryn even pulled a Molly from the last Bachelor --with Jason -- and said "I think you're making a huge mistake". Whatever.)

During the last rose ceremony, Jake had a break down moment and had to get some advice from Chris Harrison, the host. He just didn't feel as if he should give out both of his last 2 roses (Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Corrie all had roses). He decided not to and only gave out one, to Vienna. We. Were. Pissed. Jesse and Ashleigh were sent home. Jesse did however get a few words in with Jake before the rose ceremony to tell him how she honestly felt about Vienna still being there. I'm just hoping Jake took that to heart and truly starts to see how Sausage Queen is. Ashleigh cried ALOT and told the camera that she was the only 'mature' girl there. Right. Keep telling yourself that.

Ali (who must LOVE yellow dresses cause she had yet another one on) was very upset after Vienna got her rose and kept saying things under her breath -- "Why is she still here?" "I can't believe he kept her" etc. She told Tenley that she was definitely going to stay but that she would talk to Jake about how this makes her feel. We'll see how that goes...hopefully good for Ali's sake.

Head on over to Miss Molly's blog to see what she had to say about last nights episode!!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday night we had our friends, Bethany and Taylor, over for pizza and a movie. We played with Brogan and after he went down for the night, we started our movie. B and Tay brought over 'Public Enemies' and the first 10 minutes was great! Then after that, I got cozy and fell asleep on the couch...naturally. That's what ALWAYS happens! I felt bad but they didn't mind.

Saturday morning and in to the afternoon was pretty lazy. Tommy was gone working on a side job till about noon or so. He brought me The Pad for lunch (greasy cheeseburger and fries...they are SOOOO good from there!) and I shared my fries with Brogan. He loved it! He even tried dipping his in ketchup! Adorable. At 4:30, I met up with one of my bestest friends, Amanda, and her other bridesmaids to find our dresses for her upcoming wedding (she's marrying my friend, boss' son, and coworker Jordan). We found an adorable dress (I tried to get a picture but David's Bridal website is being weird and won't let me copy the pic!) and it looked great on everyone! I even got a size I haven't worn in like, FOREVER!!! I was super pumped. Now let's hope I can keep this weight off till September!

After our dress shopping, some of us went to On The Boarder for dinner...and margaritas! It was delish!

This morning I ventured to Lawrence (about 25 min away) with Brogan to attend the church my boss and his family go to. It's a started church so right now they meet in a junior high school, a really really nice junior high school! Brogan had his first nursery experience and did great! My friend Amanda - the bride - works in the room Brogan was in so it was nice to have a familiar face for both Brogan and myself. I was so super nervous to have him in the nursery and to be going to church by myself. Tommy had to work at noon today and he would've been late had he gone with me. But, if I'm being honest, I think religion is one thing Tommy is struggling with right now. We've had one brief conversation about the topic and it kinda ended not so well so I've been putting off talking about it. I know that's a horrible thing to do with your spouse but when we discuss important things, I sometimes feel as if I'm not smart enough to defend my side or that it always ends in an argument. I'm hoping to go to this church again and invite Tommy to go with us. If he doesn't want to go, maybe me going enough by myself will help him see that he should go with me. I've never wanted to be the wife/mother who goes to church alone but if that's what it takes for Tommy to go with me, then I'll do it. Plus, I really want Brogan to grow up in a church, whichever church that might be.

Anywho...sorry for my vent session. The church service was great! Today was the kick off service and I'm so glad I decided to go today! The whole 'point' of this church is to make it comfortable for EVERYONE to be at church, even the people who don't 'like' church. The pastor is a laid back guy who doesn't preach, he talks to the congregation. Everything he talked about and said, I totally understood. The service was only an hour long and that included worship, sermon, offering, everything! I really felt I got a lot out of it today...which hasn't happened in a very long time. Like I said before, I felt very nervous going in alone but I never felt judged or like I got looked at funny for being alone. That's something I haven't felt in a long time at a church.

Oh, I guess I could tell you the name of the church! It's East Lake Church.

Right now, Tommy's still at work and Brogan is struggling to fall asleep! He's working on some bottom teeth and I really think he's been in some pain. Hopefully the little bit of Tylenol I gave him will kick in and he'll take a nice, long nap! He's had a busy morning :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Master Remodel!

I have been wanting to redecorate our master bedroom/bathroom since we moved in...3 1/2 years ago! The paint color we orignally chose was NOT what I thought once it got on the walls and we've never had an actual bedding 'set'. I think I have finally convinced my husband that we NEED to do something with this room. I want a bedroom that I WANT to be in and that is peaceful and romantic. All we really need to do is paint both our bedroom and bathroom and find new bedding; I've already gotten some things to decorate with. I found a bedding set I really like from Target and have (at least I think) a couple paint colors picked out.

Now, all I have to do is wait till after we file our taxes as Tommy wants to make sure we don't owe anything, by some weird chance. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg with this project, just enough to make a difference! Then I can gradually add things here and there. I couldn't be more excited to finally get the 'ok' to do this and to possibly have Tommy's help with this! (I am NOT a painter so God knows what would happen if I didn't have any help...yikes!)

We have so many things we want to do to our house and it just stinks that we can't do it all when we want to! But we are thankful we have a cute little house to live in! It just needs a more romanic master bed/bath! And a bigger laundry room...and more storage...and a basement. Okay, done. Sorry :)


My new blog design is coming along and I couldn't be more happy with it! Tricia just sent me a couple samples and they are ADORABLE! I cannot wait to see the final design!

Ok, that's it for now! I'm sure I'll have something to chat about later on today...I can feel it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I don't really have any one specific thing to talk about but I felt like blogging. we go!

*My second 'stay at home mommy' day didn't start off the best. My sweet pug, Gus, had an un-authorized outing. I let him out to go potty like normal (keep in mind we don't have a fenced in yard) but after 10 or so minutes, I noticed I wasn't hearing little scratches at the back door wanting back in. So I went outside to look for him. I ended up walking around the house twice and never did see him. I went back inside, got Brogan up and dressed, and got him to play with some toys while I went out one more time. No luck. I called my mom almost in tears and told her I couldn't find Gus. She told me to get in the car and drive around since he probably couldn't have gotten far. I got Brogan and we left. My mom had also called my dad to have him come over and help me look. I went down the street behind ours and saw a lady outside. I asked her in she saw a gold pug and she said no. At this point, the tears started flowin'! She said she understood, as she herself had pugs. She said she'd keep an eye out for him. I finished driving around the neighborhood and met up with my dad at our house. He didn't find Gus either. By this point I had already had a hysterical break down and had called my friend Molly. She calmed me down a bit, bless her heart. Dad and I decided to head out again; he went one way, I went the other. Something told me to go back towards where I had looked already and good thing I did cause the lady I had talked to earlier was waving her hands getting my attention! SHE FOUND HIM! That little shit (pardon me) was just sitting on a porch, minding his own business. I was so excited but don't think he hasn't been in his 'pen' since we got home. :) He's grounded.

*Vampire Diaries starts back up tonight and I'm SO excited! I do love the Vamp's!

*My son has been talking to himself for 35 minutes NOT taking his afternoon nap. Oy.

*I am NOT looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I have loved staying home with him. It breaks my heart that I won't be with him all day tomorrow. But at least Saturday is close!

*I got sweet deals on some picture frames (for my pregnancy pictures we had taken...over 2 years ago!) at Target today! Wahoo! Now, I just need to find somewhere to put these frames.

*Oprah is a rough one today. It's about addiction and people who have overcome theirs. Makes me so sad for these people and their families.

*I finally got my car washed today! It was getting awfully hard to see out the back window...

Alright, well there are my thoughts for today! I wish I had more exciting things to talk about but these will do.

TGIF -- tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stay At Home Mom-Day!

I am a stay at home mommy today! Well, until 4 pm or so when the hubbs gets home. Then I have to go in to the office to get the deposit ready. My momma is so sick today and called today saying there was no way she would/should keep Brogan. I hate that she feels icky but I am grateful to have a day with my boy! We've already been to the grocery store, since we were almost out of milk. Then we took my coworker a coffee since she was having a bad morning herself.

As much as I love the people I work with and the fact that I get paid well, I think after today (and tomorrow since I'm off work normally on Thursdays) I'm going to want to stay home! I've had my days when all I want to do is stay home with Brogan, especially when majority of the blogs I read (and quite a few IRL friends) are stay at home mom's. Again, I'm grateful for the job I do have but eventually, I think this mama is going to want to stay home!

I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday! It's cloudy and a little chilly here in Topeka but at least it's not snowing or frigid out!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bach: Week 3

Molly, Melisa, and Katie all came to my house this week! We ordered pizza and breadsticks and watched our Jakeeee!

Wow. Draaaaaaaama! First off, Jake picked Vienna (VIENNA people!) for his one on one date. They went bungee jumping and Jake about ralphed all over himself. I'm sorry, and I do love him, but I need a guy who's going to be a MAN and let me dig my nails in to his arm waiting to jump, not the other way around. Vienna said some stupid things ("I'm on cloud Jake") and they kissed. Ick. Obviously, I'm not a fan.

Anywho. The group date was fun! They (I can't remember all the girls) got to perform at Jon Lovitz's comedy club. Corey was funny; she made fun of all the girls, mostly Vienna. Elizabeth was, in fact, a tease -- shocker, I know! Ashleigh freaked out and cried but then eventually was funny. And Michelle. Ugh. Crazy. But it got better!!!!

After the date, they all went back to a hotel lounge, or somewhere, and had drinks. And again, Michelle was CRAZY! She kept talking about how she came to get married -- like she hasn't told us all that a million times in the last 3 weeks -- and it was her turn to have babies and blah blah blah. One of the girls even said 'She needs a therapist, not a husband.' HAHAHAHA!! So true, honey! When Michelle finally got her one on one talk with Jake, she got a serious case of 'I'm gonna kill you if you don't love me' -idis. She asked him to kiss her to see if she felt anything. Ugh. Jake's face was FULL OF DISGUST at this point and it was obvious he wanted nothing more than to NOT kiss her. Finally, I think Jake saw her 'stage 5 clinger' (thanks Molly!) side and told her to go ahead and leave; no need for the rose ceremony. Then, THEN, she said something about how she couldn't believe it was happening like this. What?!?!? Oh wait! I forgot, she did say a couple times 'if you want me to stay'...then he said leave. I'm so glad she's finally gone but I will honestly miss her craziness a little.

Ella had a one on one also and she is fastly becoming a fave! They went to Sea World and Jake surprised her with Ethan, her son! Jake was great with Ethan and you could tell Ella adored every minute!

They never did show the part where Tenley talks about being preggers. We know she's not, at least at this point, since she was seen drinking. So, who knows!

Jake ended up sending Elizabeth home (aka tease) and some girl I never even knew.

Next week looks juicy and I can't wait to see who the 2 girls are he doesn't want to give roses too! I'm hoping one is Vienna!

Head on over to Molly's blog to check her post about our Jake!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bachelor Night

Tonight is our Bachelor night and we're watching at my house! Hence, the cleaning frenzy I went on last night! We are going to get cheap pizza and pop and enjoy our Jakie poo!

My heart is a little sad this morning because I didn't get to see my Bean and hardly saw my hubbie. I called my MIL to see how my boy was doing and I could hear him having a blast! She said she was getting ready to give him a bath (he rubbed mashed banana in his hair late yesterday afternoon...nice.) and he was going nuts! He LOVES taking a bath and if you mention the word, it's over; you HAVE to give him a bath that instant! She also said he woke up this morning asking for his mama and this is where I got a little teary eyed. He wasn't upset or mad that I wasn't there, he was just asking for me. I love that little boy to pieces and I cannot wait to see him when I get off work!

My bestest Molly hasn't seen Brogan for a while and I'm SO excited for her to see how's he grown! She hasn't even seen him walk yet so it'll be quite the treat for her! I'll be sure to have him give you lots of kisses, Moll -- you know he gives the best mouth and slobbery! Hehe!

Tomorrow, I'll be sure to post my recap of tonight's Bachelor. It's supposed to be juicy! The preview for tonight, shows Tenley telling Jake she's PREGGERS!!!!!!! W. T. F. I can't wait!

Have a great (foggy, if you're in Top City) Monday!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Update

So my weekend plans didn't exactly turn out how I planned but it was still a great weekend! Friday night, as I said in my previous post, Tommy had to work late so I ate pizza at my parents and then came home, put Brogan to bed, and watched a super cute girly movie with my PREGNANT sister (WWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHOOOO!!! That was my surprise I couldn't say. I don't know if I can say yet but I figured anyone that she hasn't told yet won't read my blog...but I'm still not making the 'announcement' on FB so sssshhhhh.....haha!) Anyway, we rented 'New In Town' and loved it! It was funny, romantic, and of course had yummy eye candy! Saturday, my plans definitely changed. I was supposed to go with one of my bestest girlfriends to try on/pick out bridesmaids dresses but she forgot to make an actual appointment at David's Bridal. I was totally bummed because I was so excited to see her and to try on fun, girly dresses! But she's going to make an appointment soon so we can get on the ball with these dresses! What was nice about not having to go dress shopping was the fact that I got to lounge in my jammies with my boys till around 5 when I HAD to shower! One of my best friends from high school, Nib or Nichole -- whichever -- had her daughter's (Kenadie Lee) first birthday party in the evening. I was so bummed because I had forgotten to grab my camera. Nib had her house decorated with pink, pink, pink! She had Kenadie's scrapbookS (I capitalize the 's' because Nib had so many pictures and fun stuff to put in Kenadie's scrapbook that she needed more than one. And this was just for K's first YEAR!) laying out so everyone could see them. Let me tell ya, these books were AMAZING! I am totally jealous and have hired Nib to teach me how to scrapbook like she does! We didn't stay for too long because it was getting time for Brogan to get to bed. After we got home and B to bed, I got my jammies on, face washed, and crashed on the couch! I was soooo tired for some reason. Today, Sunday, I ran around with my sister again. She is going to Hawaii this week and wanted to get a mani/pedi. I didn't get one buy man on man did it look so great! I got a spa gift certificate from Tommy for Christmas and today definitely made me realize I need to use it! We did a little shopping around the mall and Target then made it back to my parents to eat ribs for dinner! YUMMO! After dinner, I took Brogan over to my mother in laws for the night since she is watching him tomorrow. Tommy had to be in KC till late tonight and I figured if I could have the house all to myself, I was going to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! And I did just that! I just got done about 40 minutes ago and I'm tuckered out! I think I'm going to get a tiny snack and go lay in bed and watch TV till I call asleep!

There's just something about a clean and picked up house that just makes you feel great! But, I'm still ready for a new house. :)

Happy sleeps!

Friday, January 15, 2010

So Excited!!!!

I was told some exciting news tonight but I'm not sure if I can say anything yet. So when it's safe to say, I will!!!

But know that it's a blessing!!!!!!!!

Pizza and Movie Night

Tonight my sister is coming in to town so we decided to get together. I rented a movie, New In Town

I thought it looked good last year when it came out but I never did get to see it! I hope it's a good one. Harry Conick, Jr. is in it so if the movie itself isn't good, at least I'll have something yummy to look at! Right ladies?? :)

My parents are ordering pizza so I'm going to stay for a bit and eat before taking Brogan home to bed. THEN we'll start our movie night!

I love Fridays sometimes! I have a busy day tomorrow so hopefully I'll find some down time to blog about it.

Happy Friday!

I have a new website that I swear! I just ordered a box of Pamper's (160 diapers) and a tub spout cover for $43! I am grateful to Kelly @ Kelly's Korner for giving out a $10 code to use at checkout! Well, I'm here to give you one as well! Get $10 off your first diaper order by using code MISS3336 at checkout!

And for every person who uses my checkout code not only give themselves a discount, but I get credit towards my account! I've decided that this is the only place we're getting diapers from now on. I ordered them this morning and they are scheduled to be delivered TOMORROW! Now, that's what I call excellent service :)

I hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I FINALLY broke down and decided to have someone make over my blog, professionally. If you haven't noticed, I change my background/header like I change my underwear...well ok, not THAT often but still you get the point!

I haven't seen anything yet but after seeing some of Tricia's work, I KNOW it'll be great! She's been more than a peach to work with so far and I hope that if you're in the 'market' for a new blog background/header, you'll check her out!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: NYE '09-10

Here are some of my favorite pictures from New Year's Eve. A group of us went to Laughing Matters (an improv show) and had a blast! Enjoy :)

(This was the morning after, just so you know! Yowzas!)

16 months ago...

Can you believe that 16 months ago today I did this!?!

And now he does this....

He's my world and I wouldn't change anything for a second! That little boy is my best friend and he sure knows how to make me smile! I pray that everyone gets to experience the kind of love I have in my heart! As I've heard people say before, he makes my heart smile!

Mommy loves you Bean!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are You Preggers Too...?

Just a small post...I know 6, SIX, girls that are expecting right now! And 5 of the blogs I read are expecting too!

That's alot of babies being made! My hubbs definitely told me to back away from the girls I know who are pregnant!

Happy Baby Making!

The Bach: Week 2

Last night my girlfriends Katie, Molly, and Melisa got together at Katie's to watch our boyfriend, Jake on The Bachelor! It was quite the interesting and drama filled episode, and it's only week 2! Before the show started we watched ET News and saw that it was in fact Rozlyn who f-ed up (pardon me!) and messed around with a 'staffer' (as Chris Harrison kept referring to him as). Honestly lady?? Then she kept rambling on and on about how this is going to effect her 7 year old son. Honey, you should've thought about that before going on this show and screwing a 'staffer'. Sorry. Moving on.

We were all SOOOOO relieved that she got sent home! She totally was there for the wrong reasons and you could tell by the way she was acting. Good riddens!

All of us girls LOVE Miss Ali and are certain she's the one for Jake! Their one on one date was adorable and she looked fantastic -- even if she did wear yellow for the second time :) We all decided that she's the most down to earth girl there and she's not one who has to be all gussied up the whole time. She didn't worry about her hair being pulled up and then down. She's a good girl and I love her!

Another one of my faves stuck around this week, Elizabeth! She is absolutely gorgeous! In the season recap from last week, I remember them saying that someone comes out as still being a virgin. We believe this might be Elizabeth! The way she acted about Jake kissing her sorta tipped it off. But I'm glad he respected her boundaries...such a gentleman!

Tenley is adorable as always and even though he didn't seem to get a whole lot of time with her, she still got a rose! Keep up the cuteness sista!

Now, let's move on the Crazy Town aka Michelle. Yes, I love drama and she's definitely full of that, but come on ABC! Let Jake let her go! She's obviously only here for ratings. The girl has some seriously issues. The fact that she packed her bags even before she had a chance to talk to Jake is ridiculous! She needs to be admitted, ASAP! Hopefully only one more week of her drama and then we can say 'BYE BYE CRAZY!'!

Ok, so there's my short recap. We had a great night of giggling and making jokes! It's always nice to let our hair down, lounge in jammies, and be gossiping junior high girls for a night!

(Head over to Molly's blog to read her recap!
Jake's blog on

Also, I'm SOOOOO excited Grey's starts back this week! I've been having McSteamy withdrawls!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Monday!

Well we woke up to a leak in our sons room this morning (due to an insane amount of snow/ice built up on our roof and apparently the plumber didn't do the vents correctly...or something)

I have a hickey on my neck. No lie. Sorry for TMI.

I have more folders on my desk then EVER before. Might be a slight exaggeration but whatev.

And I'm on my second LARGE cup of coffee this morning.

Welcome to my Monday.

But..............I do get to leave work an hour early today! Sadly, my mom is attending a funeral but that means she can't keep my mister till 4:30 like normal! I'm excited, however, to be able to go home and relax!

And tonight is the second episode of The Bachelor and once again, I'm getting together with some amazing girls to watch!

Before my Monday....

Saturday morning I met up with a great girlfriend of mine for coffee and breakfast at Panera. It was nice to catch up and enjoy each others company! After that, I ran a couple errands while baby free! I got some great deals at Target, for myself and a friends daughter who is turning 1 this weekend! I ran by Payless Shoes to see if I couldn't find a good deal and ended up getting a stinkin' cute hat that I've been wanting for a while! The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent playing with my boy and taking it easy! Saturday evening, I had made a date with a good friend from high school to go to dinner and a movie. We ate at Chili's -- delish -- and then headed to the movie theatre. We had a hard time finding a parking spot and ended up making our own all the way across the freaking world, ok just the parking lot! We froze our butts off walking all the way to the doors only to find out that the showing we were going to see was sold out. And it was the latest showing (at 8 pm, mind you). Really? REALLY?!? Did I just walk ALL THAT WAY for nothing?!? There weren't any other movies that we were dying to see so we thought we'd go check the $2 movie theatre to see what was playing there. We decided on 'Couples Retreat' and got our tickets. We wasted some time at Kohl's before the movie and I got some GREAT deals on a Christmas ornament for Brogan and a Dr. Seuss book with a matching stuffed animal thing all for $12! I was pretty proud of myself :) The movie was hilarious!! I can't wait to see it again!! Sunday was spent in my jammies ALL DAY...and I honestly will tell you I forgot to even brush my teeth until about 7:00 pm. By then, I just decided to wait till bedtime anyway. Judge if you will.

Alright, that's all I got for now. I'll be sure to recap our Bachelor events tomorrow!

Here's to Monday!

Saturday, January 9, 2010 far.

As I type this, I'm listening to my little mister fight his afternoon nap. He's been sick and I know today he's not feeling well. My mom kept him this morning so I could have coffee with a good girlfriend and the whole time I was gone, she said he was fussy and clingy. I gave him some baby Tylenol and have since tried to put him down for a nap. I know he needs sleep!! And so does this mama! He woke me up at 6:45 this morning and I was NOT ready! I've had more than enough coffee already today and I'm STILL so tired!

Tonight I get to go to dinner and a movie (It's Complicated) with another good girlfriend whom I don't get to see very often due to busy schedules. I'm so looking forward to a night out without the boys. Us girls need that every now and again! I haven't seen a movie in the theatre for a LONG time and since it's so expensive, it usually only happens about once every few months or so. I might even get myself some popcorn :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend so far!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just Call Me Oscar...

I'm grouchy today. Oscar the Grouch grouchy. I've had so many things on my mind lately and apparently today was the day for them to come ALL AT ONCE!

I'm over today. Thank God I have 15 minutes left of work and I can go get my son! He always makes me happy! Although, if we're being honest, I'm sorta happy he'll be going to bed shortly after we get home only so that I can lounge quietly with a glass of wine! I hope that doesn't make me sound like a terrible mother.

But if you think that, then you can go ahead and do something that I'm not going to say on here cause that'd be rude.

Happy Grumpy Friday! I'm gonna go warm up my car.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Goggle Boy

My sweet boy has been cranky today but he has not let that get in the way of having fun! Here are some pictures I took right after lunch. He LOVES wearing his 'work' goggles, as well as his 'Cool Dudes' aka sunglasses. It's so funny when he wants to wear them because he'll bring them over to one of us, sit on the floor, and wait for us to put them on him. Then after he has either of them on, he RUNS all over the living room/his bedroom. Such a funny little man!

He always 'hides' in this corner by his toys and waits for us to come find him.

Don't mind the laundry basket! I was finished putting his clothes away but he insisted on playing with the basket!