Friday, February 26, 2010

Still icky...but yay for baby's!

I'm feeling a tad worse today but I'm managing to keep a semi-smile on my face. I had a delish coffee this morning to warm me up! I FINALLY ordered B's newborn pictures (good thing he's almost 18 months, right?) and I cannot wait to get them back! We are also going to order his 1 year and fall family pictures this next week. I'm wanting to get them all in my posession so I can start getting frames and deciding how I want them on our living room wall. I hate being so behind in ordering these, but they can be so darn expensive...thank God for tax returns!

Tomorrow is one of my good girlfriend Chelsey's baby shower (pray I feel better so I can make it tomorrow)! I cannot wait to see how our friends Molly and Jenna decorated and to see all the great stuff Chelsey will get! (<-- that is me staying positive about getting to go!) :) She's such a doll and I love her to death! She's going to make an absolute wonderful momma to baby Jaxen! I cannot wait till he gets here so we can all take turns snugglin' and lovin' on that sweet boy!

Alright, I gotta go blow my nose and try to de-clog! Happy Friday!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have a couple things I could post about but frankly, I feel icky. My nose is stuffy, as well as my head. I'm tired and cranky. I haven't showered but I managed to change my underwear.

I did, however, do 15 minutes of a workout because for some reason, I felt this was a good idea. Stuffy nose + wicked headache + situps, lunges, and jumping up and down = stupid idea.

I'm off to blow my nose and die. Have a great day.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Celeb Boy Toys

First off, I have SOOOO many celebs that I think are hottie-tottie but I narrowed it down a bit for this post!

My friend Molly got this idea from a blog she reads and I decided to tag along! And if you want to join in, leave a comment with a link to your post! I'd love to see who you swoon over!

So without further ado (in no particular order):

Channing Tatum: He's yummy with or without a shirt :)

Bruce Willis: He may be old enough to be my father, but he's quite the looker!

Joe Don Rooney (from Rascal Flatts): I've had the biggest crush on this guy for SOOOOO long! He can sing, play the guitar, and he's hot. Yow. Za.

Bradley Cooper: I agree with my friend Molly...he's definitely hotter with the scruffy look. But I'd take him either way! ;)

Taye Diggs: I'll say it...I love me some dark chocolate! (OMG, I can't believe I just typed that!) This man can act AND sing...amazingly attractive.

Michael Buble: A hot singer. 'Nuff said.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Mister

Just a typical morning at Gramma and Papa's

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bella's New Hoodie

Bella and daddy

Sweet Bella Girl

Mid Run!

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My Valentine's (a 'few' days late)

I can't get enough of these boys!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

I am SO looking forward to this weekend! Tomorrow will just be a very laid back day with my boy! Tommy has to be at the university all day working on tech stuff for their upcoming show. Tomorrow night we are going with a little group of friends to Kansas City to see 'Evil Dead: The Musical'. This was the last show I was in (the one with the zombies) and it's a fabulous show! The theatre we're going to is going to have a Splatter Zone -- they use a TON of fake blood -- and we are definitely getting there early to try to get seats there. They provide ponchos, thank God! We all know this girl is going to need to look cute and will NOT be ok if fake blood gets on her!

Brogan will have an overnight with my mom so I hope to enjoy sleeping in a tad on Sunday morning!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Oh and if I get around to it, I will try very hard to get pictures of Brogan up on here! I know some of you could care less, but I care and that's all that matters :)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

30 Day Shred....Worth it?

Ok, so I've heard mixed reviews from people I know on Jillian's 30 Day Shred. I'm REALLY needing to get in shape for Rent (and for my sanity) and need something that won't take up too much time out of my morning. Obviously I know that anything will work as long as you stick to it...but still, I need advice! Or other good workouts...


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Waiting to call the theatre to find out the cast list....

And I got MIMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's totally the part I wanted! I'm too shaky to type anymore...

Oh my.

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Little One

This here... going to be the newest addition to our family!

I introduce you to my future niece or nephew!! Isn't she/he precious???

Little baby, I cannot wait to meet you! You are already so very special and so very much wanted! I love you so so so very much!

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The Bach Recap # who knows.

This recap will be in a different form than normal...I'm taking after a few of my fave bloggers and doing a list of my favorite moments.

We all got together at Miss Katie's house last night for our watch 'party'. There were so many things happening in this weeks episode, we paused the TV more than usual.

*Jake's first date was with Gia. Although she is very pretty, the girl sounds inebriated every time she talks! Oh my. Jake bought her a necklace; she wore it as a bracelet; it looked stupid.

*At dinner, Jake talked about how beautiful Gia was and she acted like she totally wasn't. Um, you're a SWIMSUIT MODEL!!!! Hello?!?!

*Gia totally had an overnight with Jake.

*Tenley is still a doll and they had a cute date. She didn't talk a whole lot of the ex but she still brought up the fact that she's been hurt in her last relationship...blah blah. She confessed her love for Jake at dinner and then he danced with her....cute cute cute!

*Tenley totally had an overnight with Jake.

*Vienna is gross. They played on a pirate ship (same from Pirates of the Carribean...luckies.) and he totally pushed her in to the shark invested waters. Ok, not really...but he did push her in, in a flirting manor. Vienna totally licked his nose, I guess as a way to flirt with him Sick. He did it back. SICK.

*Vienna wore a white teddy. DOUBLE, TRIPLE SICK.

*And with that being said, Vienna had an overnight. Vomit.

*Ali called and tried to pull an 'Ed'. Didn't work; Jake said no. (We were sad but it did seem quite desperate AND scripted)

*Gia went home. But she didn't make a big stink about it. She cried, yes, but she told Jake that he had 2 amazing women (gag me...he only has 1 in my eyes) that were perfect for him.

*The women tell all episode is next week and we can. not. wait. More Rozalyn drama!

*On the finale previews, Jake has a typical 'over the railing Bachelor moment' which leads us to believe, he chooses no one (we'd rather that than him end up with Vienna). And possibly goes back for Ali.

Till next rose ceremony ladies....!

(Head over to Molly's blog to see her recap!)

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Monday, February 15, 2010


Miss Abby over at babbling abby is having an ooooober great giveaway!

Head on over and check it out! I promise you won't be disappointed!!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I'll be spending it in my jammies with my 2 favorite boys...after I go pick up the youngest. He stayed at Gramma's house last night and this momma took advantage and slept in! He's totally rockin' the cutest outfit today for Valentine's so I'll be sure to take some pictures of him.

Today is more than just Valentine's Day to us. Tommy and I had our first date (MY actual first date EVER) 10 years ago on Valentine's Day. That's a long time folks! We've had our moments, but it truly has been the best 10 years of my life! I can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings! Hopefully more babies :)

Love to you all!

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Friday, February 12, 2010


I am SO ready for this weekend! Opening ceremony for the Olympics tonight, call backs tomorrow, a hot date with a hot man tomorrow night (who, as of Sunday, I've been with for 10 years), getting our SUV back and getting to put Brogan's new Cowmooflauge car seat in, and celebrating a day of love with my boys!

Great weekend, I might say!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just stuff...

I'm slowly but surely working on my Bachelor recap from last night....slowly being the key word here.

I ordered Brogan's new car seat this morning! I ended up going with the Cowmooflauge (or however you would spell it) and I just know he'll love it! I can hear the 'moo' noises now!

My mother just called to inform me that my little mister has now learned to climb up on to her dining room chairs. Which eventually will lead to climbing on to the dining room table. Awesome. Good thing he doesn't ever play in our kitchen!

It's been snowing ALL. DAY. And when I say all day, I mean it.

I'm so proud of my oldest niece! She had her first (middle school) choir concert and she did great! I ended up staying for the rest of the concert (high school) and it brought back TONS of memories -- yes I was a choir AND show choir geek. They weren't as good as we were back in the day, naturally, but they were ok. :)

We are possibly getting a new morning massage therapist in our office. I'm sorta excited but kinda not -- she's blonde, pretty, skinny, and her name is Lindsey. What???? I made sure to tell my boss that she is going to be referred to as 'Lindsey' not 'Linds', since that is usually my nickname around the office. Hopefully if we do hire her, she's nice and fun to work with. If not, I might shove cheeseburgers down her throat till she's fat. Just sayin'.

Ok, last thing! We 'should' be getting our SUV back tomorrow!!!! Please pray we do! I miss it!

Now, I guess I should get back to work....ugh.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday night after work all I did was play with my boy and lounge on the couch! It was nice!

Saturday was spent shopping in KC with my girlfriends! We had a blast!! We all got some really cute things and even treated ourselves to The Cheesecake Factory afterwards! I was able to laugh till I had tears in my eyes, which hasn't happened in a while (thanks Jenna!). I cannot wait till we do this again! I somehow didn't find a top or outfit to wear for our Valentine's date but oh well. I'll find something this week I hope.

Sunday was my audition. I was super nervous but after I sang my first song, the nerves flew out the window! I felt really good about it and will find out tomorrow if I got a call back. If I did, they will schedule a time for us all to come back and read, sing, and probably dance. Hopefully they won't drag it out for much longer...I'll be REALLY nervous then!

For the Super Bowl, we ended up just hanging out at home. Brogan's been teething and was cranky yesterday so we weren't too keen on taking him anywhere. He ended up going down to bed 30 minutes early which was sort of a relief! I was getting tired and worn out! After he went down, we had fajita-type soft tacos and watched the game (or commercials mostly). We made it till half time then switched the channel over to one of our shows. I ended up passing out on the couch before 8!!! We both went to bed at 9 and it was fabulous! Brogan slept really well, for a teething child, thank the Lord!.

Oh and Sunday was my niece Ava's 4th birthday! She's a doll and I can't wait to give her her present! I had one of my besties, Molly make her 2 adorable shirts w/a matching bow! Ava will just die!! She truly has a diva mentality (but not the annoying kind) and it's hilarious to just watch her go on and on about whatever! And once you get that camera it! She'll be posing left and right :) Wednesday we're having dinner at a local pizzaria for her birthday.

Today has been a rainy/snowy day and I haven't done much at work. Tonight is my oldest niece, Madison's first choir concert since being at the middle school. She always gets so excited for concerts and always wants us to take pictures (or bring her flowers..hehe!). Tommy is going to stay home with Brogan (the child would NOT be able to sit still for a concert like that) while I go with my parents.

I hope you all had a great weekend and a start to a great week!

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Friday, February 5, 2010


Just a quick post.

I have issues with holding in what I need/want to say to resolve situations; that needs to stop. Tonight actually. My husband made me upset and sorta hurt my feelings and instead of holding it inside, I need to tell him. Without fighting or arguing.

I need some prayer and guidance. I don't need comments on what to do or say. I just need to 'vent' a little. I hate feeling this way and I know it's just a way for Satan to come between us.

Thanks for reading and if you wouldn't mind, say a little prayer on this subject.

Relationships suck sometimes...teasing, of course.

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Girls Day & Auditions

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow! I get to go to Kansas City with some great girls for a shopping day! It'll just be nice to get out of town for a few hours and have some quality girl time.

Tomorrow is also Tommy's Rent audition! If you would, please say a little prayer for him! I know he'll be amazing but I also know he'll be just as nervous as me :)

Sunday is my Rent audition and like I mentioned before, I'm SO nervous! I've been rehearsing the songs in my head, listening to them at work, and singing them loudly in my car (alone!). I'll probably still be a little hesitant to not hold my music but I've never been one to stare straight down at my music, so that's a good thing! Cross fingers, pray, whatever for me!

I'll be sure to post sometime Sunday (or knowing me, Monday) about the weekend!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Last Day Giveaway!

Go on over to Design Dazzle to enter in a Lisa Leonard jewelry giveaway! It's definitely something you do not want to miss out on! Plus stick around the Design Dazzle blog for a bit and check out all her adorable ideas!

Good luck!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


**Update!** I ended up deciding TO audition! I called this morning and set up a time! So, if you don't mind, say a little prayer that my nerves calm down! I'm not having my heart set on any one part or even making the show, I just know I'll be extremely disappointed if I do not audition.

I guess I'm not so much torn as I am disappointed. In myself and just in general. One of our local community theatres is teaming up with our university, Washburn University, to do the musical RENT. I. Love. This. Show. Like, seriously!!! When I heard they were doing this show, I about died. How amazing would it be to do this show?!?! Tommy is definitely auditioning and I couldn't be more happy for him! I think he'd be amazing in this show and I so hope he gets a part. I have decided that I'm not auditioning. I've been asked by the director (or he asked Tommy) at WU and from the director at Helen Hocker (the theatre) if I'm auditioning. I hate saying no. But right now there is no way I'm ready to have us both possibly be in a show and have Brogan with a sitter all the time. It breaks my heart. But I have to tell myself (and I do know this) that it's just a show AND this is a time in Brogan's life that I won't ever get back. The weather will be getting nice soon, or at least I hope, and we can start playing outside in the evenings!

I know this feeling will go away soon enough...but then I know it'll creep back in again once I go see the show. I don't doubt that WU/Helen Hocker will do an amazing job; I just hate that I won't be a part of it (but I so so so hope my hubbie will be!).

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New Car Seat!!

As I mentioned in this post, I was in a car accident. And as a result, we have to get a new car seat...a "fully paid for by my insurance" car seat! Silver lining folks!

So...I did a little browsing and these are my top 3 faves! I also found out that the ones I like are on sale at Target but the ad I sent the insurance company was from Babies R Us, that weren't on sale. So another plus is that we will have a little extra money from the insurance check! Which will most likely go to our gas tank...which is fine with me!

I can't wait to 1) get our vehicle back and 2) get Brogan's new car seat! It's the little things in life that make me happy folks!

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The Bach Recap

As always, my girls and I got together to watch The Bachelor! We met over at Melisa's house this week and just had some take out...and of course vegged on candy till we felt sick!

This is gonna be a shorter Bach post than normal today!

**First one on one was with Tenley! She's definitely our favorite for Jake. They had a great time touring China Town in San Fran. They wrote their own fortunes for their fortune cookies and naturally, they both wrote the same thing...'Kiss Me'! Aaawwww.

**Next was a group date with Gia, Vienna Sausage (vomit), and Jake. They went to an old castle for awkward 3-way conversation and creepiness by Vienna. She made it known that she was going to try to get all of Jake's attention. Michelle might have met her match. This girl is Stage 6 Clinger -- Molly bumped it up last night from stage 5! Hehehe! Gia and Jake snuck away for a little alone time but not for long! Vienna was on the prowl around the castle trying to find them...of course she made a big, dramatic scene freaking out cause 'she was lost'. Girlfriend, there is a WHOLE CAMERA CREW behind're not lost. Vienna snuck up to Jake's room later in the night and tried to seduce him. He said no and mentioned it wasn't fair to Gia that he was spending more time with Vienna.

**Corrie and Jake had a cute date with each other but I think she waited too long to fully open up to Jake. She did confess that she is a virgin and would not even live with a man before they are married, let alone sleep with him. I think this secretly disappointed Jake, as he didn't keep her around this time. Too bad; I was really starting to like her.

**Jake took Ali on a one on one around San Fran, her home town -- not as in 'grew up in' home town, but where she resides as of now. They had some serious convo about how Ali doesn't like Vienna and blah blah'd think Jake would get it after a while but whatev. They ran in to the ocean with their shoes on and we all couldn't believe she got her ever-so-cute boots wet. I guess it's what you do for love!

**Real quick on the Ali/Jake/Vienna subject. Does Jake not remember the whole Wes/Jillian situation??? Everyone, even himself (cue the scene from The Bachelorette when Jake flew back to tell Jill about Wes...), tried to warn Jillian that Wes was a douche and should go home.

**Vienna said some stupid thing about being her daddy's princess and now she'll be Jake's queen. Vom. IT.

**Jake said that Vienna was sexy. Again, I threw up in my mouth. Obviously, he's been drunk every time he's around her cause that's the only way she'd be remotely attractive.

**Like I said before, Jake sent Corrie packin' and we were SO made he kept Vienna Sausage. SERIOUSLY JAKE!?!?!

Next week is the home town dates and it looks mighty interesting! Vienna's dad says something about treating Vienna as the princess she is, Gia's mom is straight from Jersey Shore, and the other families seem normal. I can't wait to see the drama unfold when a girl leaves early! We all bet it's Gia...

Molly wrote a good recap also...go over to her blog and check it out!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bach Night, Hair Apt., & Shopping!

Here are some things I'm looking forward to this week:

Tonight is Bachelor night and we're meeting at Melisa's house! I cannot wait to see the drama unfold and to spend time with my friends! I think we may order Thai food again...yummy!

Thursday I'm getting my hair done! I got it done a month and a half ago (which is a long time between appointments for me) and it needs something! I'm just going to go back to my normal all over dark color. I need a new cut to spruce up my "growing out my hair" look. I'm seriously sick of putting it back.

And Saturday is a shopping day with my girls in Kansas City! WAHOO! I know for sure I'll look for a cute Valentine's outfit and of course I'll hit up the Carter's outlet for Brogan! I know we'll have an excellent time and I'm ready for some all day girl time!

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10 Years

In 1 week from yesterday, I will have be 'with' Tommy for 10 years. TEN YEARS PEOPLE! That's a whole lotta years! I know it's cliche, but we had our first real date on Valentine's Day and it also happened to be my first real date EVER. I wasn't the girl guys looked at in high school, that's for sure! But I was lucky enough for Tommy to look at me! We've definitely had our rocky, drama filled moments but we are better because of it! I married my best friend and high school sweetheart. He's truly my Valentine....aaaawwwww!

For our Valentine celebration, we are going to TCT (a local community theatre -- we also participate in shows there) to see Late Night Laughing Matters, the improv group. We are good friends with several people in Laughing Matters and try to go to every LM performace (once every couple months). My mother in law is keeping Brogan over night so we can have time to ourselves! I can't wait! I'd like to do something fun ON Valentine's Day with Brogan but I'm not sure what yet. I'll definitely be making some goodies that day and I might even let my little Bean help me.

Here is a picture of me and Tommy from 'back in the day'. Again, I wasn't a looker so I do apologize!

Whoa. Braces AND glasses...America's Next Top Model!

I just thought he was SOOO hot (and still do, of course!)

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