Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Are

Today is Tommy and I's 3rd wedding anniversary! I cannot believe that 3 years ago today I was getting all dolled up and ready for the rest of my life. Crazy how time flies! I'm more than thrilled to have made it this far...not that I think that we wouldn't by any means! Our wedding day was the most perfect day! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and everything fell so smooth. Us girls started our day off by getting our hairs did (hehe) and then moved on to makeup! We went to the MAC counter at Dillard's and if you have never had them do your makeup, you should go! OH MY! It's so dramatic but sooooo much fun! We felt like models when we left there. After getting dolled up, we met back at the church to get in to our dresses and get ready for pictures. Tommy and I decided that we would go ahead and see each other before the ceremony. It just seemed easier that way...for pictures and the fact that that would be the only time we'd get 'alone' time. I remember my heart was beating SO hard as I was walking up the aisle to meet him. Tommy had his back towards me so he couldn't see me and all he could hear from me were my heels on the aisle. Our photographer was the only other person in the sanctuary at the time so he could capture our first glance. I can't tell you what we said to each other...all I remember was being so incredibly nervous! The ceremony was perfect but again, I don't remember a whole lot! The day went by so fast and there was so much stuff happening!! The reception was a blast and a blur..seems to be a theme here :) I wouldn't change anything about my wedding day except to 1) get it on video and 2) make it last longer! Other than that, it was a dream come true!

I love you babe more and more everyday. Thank you so much for everything you do and have done for me. We've had many ups and downs and I know there are many more to come but I'm happy to know that we WILL conquer anything that comes our way! You are my best friend and my soul mate! You've made me a wife and a mother and I'm forever grateful for both. I love you more than all the jelly beans in the world!!!!

(I had 'More Than Jellybeans' engraved on the inside of his wedding band before we got married! That's 'our' saying!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Little Monkey Jumpin' On The Bed!

I got inspired by my friend, Molly @ The Hall Monitor to do a short post on Brogan's Halloween costume! I wasn't sure for the longest time what we were going to dress Mr. Man up as for his first (but not really first, just first to actually dress up) Halloween. I was RACKING MY BRAIN! I had always loved the plush, cute costumes Old Navy and some other stores have had but I just wasn't sure. I was shopping last weekend with Miss Molly and we went to Old Navy. They were having a pretty decent sale of their Halloween costumes and Molly told me it was now or never. Ok, not really but she did help me decide to get a costume! We decided on this:

Isn't it adorable? I think so too! I do, however, think Brogan will be SOOO much cuter than the kid in the picture...oops, be nice Lindsey! And hopefully Brogan will be ok with having this costume on and not try to rip it off. Either way, he'll be adorable! I cannot wait!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall and Scarves!

Hello Fall and Scarf season...I've been waiting for you! I'm totally rocking a scarf today and I absolutely LOVE it!

I got out all our Fall/Halloween decorations last weekend but quickly realized that this girl needs MORE! I'm a sucker for discount decorations at Hobby Lobby and I have a feeling I need to go back and get more! At Christmas time, I feel I have enough (but could always use more, right!?!) but for Fall, I NEED MORE!

Ok, so that's about it! I've been so busy with Evil Dead lately that I haven't had time or energy to write about anything. Or I guess I should say, I haven't really had anything that exciting to write about. Well except....

...Brogan has been absolutely adorable! :) He is taking more and more steps on his own and has been looking extra cute in his Fall clothes! I cannot get enough of him...ok, that's a lie. There are certain days when I could gladly step out of the house on my own for a couple hours. BUT I always miss him and can't wait to snuggle him when I get home! He's getting better at mimicking our noises and words. He repeats 'mama', 'dada', 'clock' ('s actually rather funny to hear!), 'banana' (or nana rather), and he's been trying so hard to say pumpkin. He's also very good at pointing out all of these things and more! I can't believe how smart he's getting! It's amazing :) GOD IS GOOD!

Have a happy Fall day! And I hope YOU get to wear a scarf soon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Way to soon...

I'm getting ready to leave work to go to a funeral. A funeral for a 26 year old girl who was taken way to soon. And somewhere else, there is a funeral that is going to take place for a 20 year old boy who was taken way to soon. I trust God, love God, rely on God, but it's always hard not to question God. Why did He take these young people so soon? I know He has great reason but's hard to wrap my mind around it.

Please keep in your prayers today the family and friends of Kara Louise Morgan. She was a spunky, full of life, beautiful, smart, caring girl and will be missed greatly.

Heaven is a better place with you in it Kara. Rest in peace sweet girl.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Bean!

This last weekened we celebrated our son's first birthday...whoa, that's still weird to type/say/think. It just doesn't seem right that it's already been a year since he came in to our lives. But I wouldn't have it any other way, naturally :)

Saturday evening we had our families over to my mom's house for Brogan's birthday party. I did a 'fish/ocean' theme but only to an extent. I mostly decorated with bright colors. And, in all actuality, I only really decorated the food table :) I figured that I can start going all out next year when Brogan can actually get in to it! I had a friend of mine bake cupcakes and they were amazing! She decorated the tops in bright blue and green frosting with little sea creatures on top. The flavors were yellow cake with a chocolate filling and chocolate cake with a white cream filling. Again, AH-MAZE-ING! Oh my! :) Brogan had a bigger cupcake than everyone else and his had blue frosting with a cute ocotpus on top!

For dinner we had BLT's, pasta salad, homemade mac and cheese, fruit jello salad, and a corn salsa dip w/chips. Oh my, there was a lot of food and it was all SO good! After dinner, Brogan 'opened' his presents...but mostly I did and shortly after we started he wasn't that interested and wanted to sit with the other kiddos :) It was actually quite cute! He did play for a bit with his new toys and of course the boxes/tissue paper. We noticed that our big boy was starting to get fussy so we quickly moved on to the cake!

We stripped Brogan down to his diaper, sat him in his high chair, and got ready for the fun! :) We sang 'Happy Birthday' and blew out his '1' candle and let him dig in. I had to tease him a bit with the frosting by putting some in his mouth. Then, it was on! He had blue frosting all over his little mouth and his hands were covered! He barely ate any of the cupcake itself. When he started fliging the cupcake around and dropped it on Grandma Linda's carpet (oops!), we decided it was time to be done and get that boy in to the bath tub!

After his quick bath, we packed up all Brogan's new things and headed home for bed! Our little man was out by the time we got home! :) Bless his heart!

Sunday was his actual birthday so we decided to have a fun family day! We played with all his new toys, went to Gage Park to ride the carosel and train, visited some of my friends at rehearsal, and then back home for a 2 hour nap, dinner and another little cupcake, played some more, and bed! :)

Again, it's so hard to believe our baby boy isn't so much a baby anymore :( Well, he'll always be momma's baby!

Brogan, you are such an amazing little boy and we couldn't imagine our lives without you! You have made the last year the most amazing one of our lives! You are getting so smart and clevor :) I love every second I spend with you and I miss you every second I'm away from you. Thank you for being our son! And thank God for giving you to us!!!

*Here are some pictures from this weekend (all out of order...stinkin' Blogger)!

Also, Mr. Man isn't walking quite yet but in the last few days he's taken quite a few steps all by himself!! I know it won't be long!

Our best family picture from the party!

The tired boy after his party!

Riding the carosel :)

Eating his birthday breakfast--scrambled eggs and toast

Trying to decide what toys to play with!

Diggin' in to his birthday cupcake!

It's delicious momma!

This was after Brogan decided he didn't want to help momma open presents. He wanted to sit with the big kids :)

Opening presesnts

Opening presents

Miss Ava (my niece) pushing Brogan in his swing

Tommy makin' the bacon for the BLT's

Brogan showing off his birthday shirt

Brogan's cupcake is in the middle...the poor octopus' head got a little smashed during the delivery...oop!

The cupcakes

Our little Scarecrow

Our not-so-cowardly Lion

Riding the train

Eating his first chocolate cupcake

This was after he realized momma wasn't giving him anymore cupcake...he wasn't happy.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting ready...

Next Saturday evening we will be celebrating our son's FIRST birthday (but his birthday isn't technically until Sunday, the 13th)! I've been thinking of what 'theme' I want to use, what to eat, cake or cupcakes, the location, invite family and friends or just family, etc. Well, I think we're just about ready! We're having the party, of just family members this time around, at my parents house in their permitting. I decided to do a fish/ocean/beach type theme...mostly in the cupcakes and colors. My sister in law's best friend bakes and decorates some amazing cakes! She did our wedding cake and it was delicious so she's the first person I thought of to make cupcakes for the birthday party! I cannot wait to see what she whips up! I think we're going to have 2 different flavors with some yummy fillings! The tops will be bright blue-ish/turquoise with cute sea creatures on them. Brogan will have a slightly bigger cupcake with a number 1 on it!! We decided to go ahead and serve dinner instead of just snacks. Tommy is making his famous jumbaliah and we're having other family members help us out by bringing other side dishes. This past weekend me and my momma went out and got the table setting stuff. I decided on doing everything different colors: table cloth = bright blue, forks = yellow, plates = bright green, napkins = orange, cups = darker blue. I hoping for a bright and fun table! Another friend of mine let us borrow her serving tower that we will put the cupcakes on! I just have a few other things to get...I want to get little sand pales to put Goldfish crackers in and the silverware. And I might get a couple to go outside on the picnic tables for added decoration. Most of the 'pretty' stuff will be inside, as that's where the food will be set up.

I'm also making him a shirt with a cute goldfish on it to wear to the party. But he will be in just a diaper when the cake fiasco begins! :)

I'll be sure to take LOTS AND LOTS of pictures of our son's big day! I cannot wait!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Baby Gap Model

Okay, I might be slighty biased here...but if you want to see the most adorable little boy EVER (who should definitely be a Baby Gap model), please go to here. After you enter the website, click on the tab titled 'Clients', then enter the password 'guffey'. Megan, the very talented mommy-to-be of her 3rd, did an amazing job! She only edited about 10 or so pictures last night so we could see them! It'll be a few weeks till she gets the rest up and I cannot wait!

I cannot believe that a week from today it will have been a year since I met my beautiful son! I might have a slight mental breakdown by the end of the week but I will also be extremely excited :)

Hope you all have a great Labor Day tomorrow!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 years ago...

On Wednesday (09/30), Tommy and I will have been married for 3 years. It's not a milestone by any means but it's special, none the less. I am more in love with this man than I ever have been and I'm so excited to spend a million 3 more years (make sense...?)! For this anniversary, we probably won't get to do anything to special since I'll be at rehearsal that night and the weekend after I'll be crazy busy with our tech rehearsals. BUT....I did get him what I think is an awesome gift! I don't think he ever reads my blog (sad that I don't even know, right?) but just in case, I don't want to give anything away. I will say that I'm super stoked about this as well so it's kind of like a gift for me too!

I'm very blessed to have a smart, handsome, strong, hard working, loyal, trust worthy husband and best friend! Plus, he's not bad at being a father either :) In fact, he's great!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Real 'Accident'

Babies get bumps and bruises, cuts and owies, all the time. It's normal, I know. But it still doesn't make me feel better knowing my baby got hurt last night and I wasn't home to comfort him :( I had rehearsal and Tommy had to work late so neither of us were home for Brogan's first real 'accident' (Tommy's dad and step mom were watching B). I called Tommy on my way home from rehearsal and he informed me that Brogan had a slight accident. Um...what?!? Brogan was crawling around playing before bedtime and discovered our back door stop, a brick. He quickly crawled to it and before anyone could stop him, he pulled the brick on to his hand. Just one of his fingers got hurt, thank God, and not his whole hand. I about came unglued in the car after Tommy told me this because I could only imagine him screaming and crying! It still breaks my heart :( I looked at it this morning and it's pretty bruised. My poor baby! I think it bothered him in the middle of the night too because he woke up a few times whimpering. So, this momma just HAD to go in a soothe and cuddle him! He acts fine today but I know it still hurts, naturally.

Here are a couple pictures I took this morning. You can see his 'owie' but you can't see how bruised it actually is.

I guess this is the first of MANY accidents but I know they'll never get easier.

*Updated about 2 hours after I wrote this*
At lunch time today, I went over to my mom's to see my boy, like always. While we were playing, Brogan reached up and grabbed a hold of my mom's end table to stand up. Apparently his little hands slipped, because the next thing I knew he was face first in the carpet crying...loudly. I picked him up just thinking he got scared and MAYBE bonked his head a little. Well after holding and snuggling him for a bit, I looked at his face and noticed a pretty good size bruise and scratch. WHAT?? I looked around the table and realized he must have bonked his face on a concrete-type cylinder thingy (I don't know...) that my mom keeps magazines in under the table. Usually it's pushed back under the table but one of the other kiddos my mom watches must have pulled it out. I got a picture of this nice owie too.

Did I mention my son has his ONE YEAR pictures Saturday? Great. He'll look like Mike Tyson...only white.

I'm going to put him in a bubble the rest of the week!