Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend! Or I least I did :)

Saturday morning started off with an hour massage and a pedi for this momma! My dear husband got me a gift certificate to a local spa for Christmas and I just never found the 'time' to use it. But last week I decided that I wanted a little pampering that I didn't actually have to pay for :) It was fantastic!! I would've spent all day there just talking to the girls who work there and getting pampered. Maybe next time...hehe!

Saturday evening we had dinner and Tommy's dad and stepmom's house for his dad's birthday. My time was spent chasing my very curious and speedy 22 month old ALL OVER THE PLACE! Needless to say, my hair was frizzing and I was dripping with sweat...ok, not literally but it sure felt like it. The food was delish, as always, and I actually got to sit and enjoy adult conversation this time. Normally after dinner, I'm still chasing that little monkey around but my 2 sister in laws and my brother in law said they'd gladly chase him! They don't see him to often so any extra time with him is welcomed! After dinner, we went home and ran next door to our neighbors 30th birthday party. By this time it was WAY past someones bedtime so we didn't stay for long. Brogan didn't get to bed till after 9 which is very rare for that little boy. We lounged on the couch after he went down and watched some DIY Network and also some funny animal videos on YouTube! As silly as that sounds, it was fun!

Sunday I took Brogan to my mom's church, the church I grew up in. That's also the church that Tommy and I got married in and the church Brogan was baptized in. It's my 'home' even though I haven't been going there for long time. I met one of my best friends and her daughter there. It was nice to not have to go alone (that's a WHOLE blog post on it's own. Don't' know if I'll ever talk about it but we'll see...) and I know Nib (my friend, otherwise known as Nicole) feels the same way. We took the kids to the nursery and went in to the service. Kenadie, Nib's daughter, has serious separation anxiety when Nib leaves but we figured she'd cry it out and get distracted by some toys. Wrong. Not even 5 minutes had we been sitting down and they came to get Nib. She brought Miss K back in to the service and she lasted about 10 minutes before Nib took her back to play. I figured I'd be sitting thru the service a lone, which was fine, but then MY pager went off. I went to the nursery to find Brogan crying!! So, this weeks church service was spent playing in the nursery with our kiddos...we're hoping next week (and the following weeks) gets better!

After church, we had lunch and took naps! We played outside a bit but once that sun came out it was so hot! So we finished the day inside playing with toys and watching 'Super Why'. It's Brogan's latest obsession! It's all he EVER wants to watch! At least it's a learning show, right?

Happy Monday! Hopefully it won't be so long before my next post!

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