Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hero (re-post)

This is an old post but I wanted to post it again.


This guy here is one of America's Heros, as well as mine.

His name is Seth Ostermann and he's my 1st cousin. Growing up, Seth and I would always hang out together whenever my family went to Sylvan Grove (small town where his family and most of my mom's relation lives or used to live). Several years ago, him and his family moved to Texas. My heart sunk. Sylvan Grove was never the same. It's such a small town and there wasn't anyone I could really hang out with so my days were either spent walking/riding my bike around the town or being stuck inside watching the 1 television my grandma had. Anyway....Seth graduated high school and went on to graduate from Texas A&M. Now, this is where I get confused cause I know he didn't sign up to be in the army but I think somehow thru A&M, he (and his older brother, Nate) got enlisted. I don't know. Not the point, I guess :)

Nate, his brother, went on to serve in Iraq a few years ago but hasn't been back since. Seth, however, is now on his second tour. He left last week to go to Afghanistan for awhile before heading on to Iraq. It makes me so sad to know he's over there but then again, I'm SO extremely proud and honored to call him my cousin. I automatically think that he'll be just fine and come back safe and sound. But then I also think that that's not always the case. The following pictures show off his personality to a T! If I were to ever go over and fight in a war, I'd want him as my 1st Lt. also! He's hilarious and can imitate ANYONE! I've seen him imitate anyone from Chris Farley's Motivational Speaker to laughing exactly like his mom. Love it!

If you would be so kind as to keep 1st Lt. Seth Ostermann in your prayers at night, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank God for all the men and women in the country who fight for our freedom! They are truly God's Blessings!

I figured today would be a great day to repost this, since it is Veteran's Day! I'm so proud of my cousins and of everyone I know/knew who have ever fought for our freedom! I found out recently that Tommy's uncle, whom he's named after, actually died while serving his country (I forget which war...Vietnam maybe?). I knew he died young but I always thought it was due to illness (we don't talk much about it cause it makes everyone really sad, that's why I didn't know).

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