Monday, November 2, 2009

One busy 3 day weekend!

This post will be mostly pictures but I'll do a quick recap first! Friday I was able to get off work early to head over to my parents house for a small 1st birthday party for my niece, Avery! It was a blast and we even let Brogan stay up 1 hr 45 minutes past his normal bedtime! :) Saturday was a great day! We lounged most of the day and around 4 pm we loaded up our Monkey and started our Trick or Treat rounds! We went to Tommy's dad's house first, then on to my parents to meet up with my nieces and nephew, off to Tommy's aunts house where we met up with our cousins, and then ended at Tommy's mom's house! Whew! We left Brogan there so we could have an adult evening! I had our very last show and it was a late one! Tommy dropped me off and then headed over to the Halloween party (I met up with him after the show). The party was a blast!! Sooooo many fun costumes (I didn't take in my camera so I only have before pics of us girls getting ready at the theatre). Sunday after we got to sleep in (WAHOO!!), I went and got our little Monkey from Grandma's house. Again, we spent the day playing and lounging until it was time to leave again! We headed back over to my parents house. I had asked my dad to rake a pile of leaves in their front yard so I could get some cute pictures of Brogan playing in the leaves!! HE LOVED IT! Tommy and I had tickets to the 'So You Think You Can Dance' tour last night so we left our Bean with Grandma and Grandpa! We had a blast! We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Power and Light and then headed over to the Sprint Center. Oh. My. Word. This was by far the best thing I've been to in a long time! Our seats were amazing and so were the performers! We were in awe the whole time! Again, I didn't take my camera because I was afraid they'd tell me I couldn't take it in and make me take it back to our car. Tommy tried to get some on his phone but the backlighting was so bright they didn't turn out the best. But at least we got some! Today, I took off work so I slept in and have been cleaning the house! Something I haven't done in about 2 months! I'm taking advantage of having an empty house by getting stuff done but I'm getting antsy to see my boy so I'll probably go get him pretty soon!

Hope you all had a fantabulous Halloween weekened! Enjoy the pictures!!

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