Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Last Few Days...

So I was going to try to post a 'What I've Been Up To For The Last 9 Years I Haven't Been Blogging' but decided to scratch that idea. I'll just fill you in on the last few days, how's that?

This weekend was FULL of stuff! Friday afternoon my sweet hubbs called and told me to see if our sitter could come over for a couple hours so we could have a much needed date night. We go out often with friends but it's been a long time since it's just been us two...and we had a great time! Nothing fancy at all. We went to a new (sorta...new to us at least) restaurant called Cheeburger Cheeburger. We'd been hearing great things about this place for the last year but never got a chance to try it. We definitely picked the right time to go because it was their 1 year anniversary as well as the 23rd anniversary of the franchise so they were having amazing 'meal deals'! We walked away from there stuffed to the max on cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings, and shakes...and all for under $20! After dinner, we did the most romantic thing ever! You ready to hear about it....?

We went to Home Depot! Stop the jealousy! Hehe! It was fun though...we looked at plants and flowers and imagined what it'd be like to have a beautiful landscape/backyard. And we also got some paint samples to FINALLY start working on our master bedroom/bathroom redo! Let's just hope it actually happens!

Saturday was a busy day!! First we had our dear friends wedding at 1 pm. It was beautiful and hilarious and sooo them! I'm so happy for Melissa and Les...they are absolutely perfect for each other. Then at 3 pm, we went to our cousins little boy's 1st birthday party. We spent majority of it outside chasing the little ones but they were having a blast! We left the birthday party around 6:15 to go home and try to fix ourselves before we headed to the newlyweds reception! Brogan stayed up at the party and spent the night with my in laws. The reception was a BLAST! I haven't had that much fun in a long time! We danced, had free beer/wine, took pictures in a photo booth, ate good food/cake, and enjoyed the night! I have tons of pictures from the reception that I need to post...maybe later this week. I'm not going to lie...I got a little tipsy. I haven't had a chance to really let loose and be my old self again for a long time and it was so great! And the best part, I felt fine on Sunday! Whoo!

Sunday was a laid back day with my sweet boy! Tommy had to work till 2 and after he got home we headed to his dad's house to celebrate Tommy's birthday (which was back in March...) and his brother's birthday (which was last week). I didn't get to stay long over there because I got asked to sing on a jingle! How freaking cool is that?!?! My friend Nora and I sang backup to another friend of ours and the jingle was for a veterinarian office's website. And the best part? I got PAID! I hope to be able to sing more jingles in the future.

We started our second week of swimming lessons last night. Brogan has been doing so good! He LOVES being in the water...but the only downfall is that he just wants to go go go and do his own thing! He doesn't always want the structure of the lesson. Thank goodness the lessons are only 30 minutes long!

For those of you who care, my sister is doing better. She's out of the hospital but on bed rest. The doctors are really hoping to keep Sloan cooking for another 6-7 weeks but did give Shannon a couple steroid shots to help move along Sloan's lung/brain development just in case. I think I've talked to her almost everyday since...she gets really bored. Yesterday she told me she organized all of their movies (seriously, they are like a Blockbuster!) and even did one section alphabetically. This girl is B.O.R.E.D! Brogan, my mom, and I are going to spend next weekend with her though so hopefully that'll cheer her up! I think we're going to try to get her nursery painted.

This Thursday, Tommy and I are singing in another Ad Astra Cabaret! I'm so excited! Hopefully we'll get some video and I can post it!

Again, I'm hoping to get some pictures posted this week. I have TONS!

Happy Tuesday!

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