Saturday, January 15, 2011

Binkie Dilema

We are having WW3 here at the Guffey household. Slowly but surely we are trying to rid our boy of his beloved "D" aka his binkie. My sweet Brogan boy has been attached to his "D" from day one. It's never been an issue and I guess technically it still isn't. Our doctor did tell us that until he is 3, they see no problem with him having it. We've done pretty good in the past with getting him to just have it at nap and bedtime. Well, when your baby doesn't feel good or is just so distraught over not having his only vice, sometimes it's easier to give in. Enter: me. I think I'm mostly the problem, I don't always feel up to sticking to my guns and it's such an easy fix to just give him the bink. But something came over me on Thursday. I decided I'd had enough. I knew the way to ween him off the binkie was to do just that; ween. In the past with his bottle and sippy cup, it was a whole lot easier to ween him off little by little. I ended up cutting 2 of his binkies and he absolutely HATED it. And still does. Naptime on Thursday was a nightmare. He cried for an hour and a half and slept for a bout as long. This child normally takes a good 3 hour nap. I wasn't going to deal with that again at bedtime so we decided our best bet was to give him his 'normal' binkie that way we all get a good nights sleep. Yesterday, my MIL said he did just fine at naptime...figures. But today, we've been battling again. As I type this, he is crying in his bed, cut binkie tossed out on to the floor, and I'm trying to drown him out so I don't give in.

I was in tears before his nap because I don't know what to do. Am I doing this the right way? Should I give in to him since he is still little? I feel horrible because like I said before, it's his vice, his blankie, his stuff animal. I've thought about just throwing them away all together and just dealing with it. But that action would be out of anger and frustration and not logical thinking.

I knew parenting was tough. I know we haven't even hit the tip of the ice berg yet. But holy cow! We NEED to get this binkie sitch figured out before we start potty training and I'd LOVE to think it'll all be figured out before baby #2 comes along. That's sorta my 'goal'. But I also know not to put a timeline on this either.

If anyone has ANY advice whatsoever, please please please help me!

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