Friday, October 30, 2009

Thanks O!

I got an email yesterday (several actually) telling me about an awesome promotion Oprah was doing with Payless Shoesource. It was a coupon for 50% off your entire purchase, no gimmicks! I jumped on this like a mouse on cheese! I figured there wasn't anything that was desperately needed, but with a deal like that I could find something! So I printed off the coupon and to Payless I went! I was lucky enough to receive this information earlier in the day so I ended up actually finding stuff AND beating the ridiculous crowds. I headed straight to the baby section to find Mr B some kicks and possibly a pair for my niece, Avery (her birthday party is tonight and I've already gotten her something--a tutu outfit from Molly @ TuTu Cute by Molly--but I figured a cheap pair of shoes would be fun too!). I found 2 pairs for Brogan, one pair for now and one the next size up, and I found a cute pair for Miss Avery! Then it was on to my size shoes! I ended up finding 3 pairs for myself, 2 being on sale! I was SOOOO excited! I got up to the register to pay (not even looking at the scarves, hats, jewelry, or purses...kicking myself still) and my total came to $38!! I was extremely excited! I called Tommy with my great news and he was totally all about going for himself later! I know I probably seem like a stuck up wife to have gotten herself and baby shoes but not the man of the house....but that is the one thing I will NOT buy for my husband. He's too picky about his shoes! I did end up with a scarf, however, yesterday because my 'nicer than me' husband bought the one I'd been eyeing! :) Thanks babe!

I never thought I'd thank Oprah for anything--the lady gets on my nerves at times--but I sure am today! THANK YOU O!!

Hope everyone has a wonderfully spooky and safe Halloween weekend!

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  1. Thank Payless to, (J/K) my hubby has been working his behind off on the website for the past two weeks for Ms Oprah, ha!
    I hope you guess have a great Halloween. Brogan looks adorable in his costume!