Friday, April 15, 2011

i HAVE to be responsible!

A while back I posted about wanting to get involved with the youth group at my church. The last couple months I haven't been able to due to our schedule but this last Monday I got to go hang out with the Monday night girls bible study (GOF = Girls of Faith). It wasn't their typical Monday night setting; this week they were helping out at the church making the meal for Wednesday's Lenten dinner. Not all the girls were there but I did get to meet a few of them and they were adorbs! They seemed to like me too, which is a good thing if I'm going to be around them more :)

Every summer, the youth group from Faith (as well as all the other YG's from the Lutheran churches in Topeka) takes a week long trip to Woodland Park, CO. The camp they go to is called LVR (Lutheran Valley Retreat). I LOVED going every year! It was the highlight of my summer. We stayed in cabins, did strength building activities, had amazing bible studies, and just had a freakin' blast! Well, Tuesday morning I got an email from Audrey, the youth pastor @ Faith, and she asked me if I'd like to go as a sponsor this year, FOR FREE! Um, excuse me??? A week long vacay in CO with amazing kids/adults for NOTHING OUTTA MY POCKET???? Like seriously, I pay for nothing! Except for snacks I may want during the week. I was beyond thrilled! I talked to Tommy and he was definitely ok with me going, as long as it was something I wanted to do. I was so excited to tell Audrey I would go!

Then last night I couldn't fall asleep 'cause I was thinking of all the stuff I'd need to take, outfits to wear, the responsibility I'll have. Then I panicked. I'm going to have to be RESPONSIBLE!!! Not just for myself, but for a cabin of girls. I have to lead a daily discussion in our cabin about stuff. I have to watch my mouth. I have to be....wait for ADULT. As freaked out as I am, this makes me oooooober excited! I want to be the sponsor that these girls look up to and admire. I want to be the girl they want to be like (not trying to be conceded). I want to be fun and silly but they know when I'm serious and mean business. I look up to Audrey so so so much and she's ALL of those things.

Another thing I'm looking forward to on this trip, is the fact that I'll get so much more out of it NOW then I did in high school. And that's such an awesome thing.

Now, as excited as I am....I'm totally not looking forward to a week without my boys. I think they'll be just fine and will have fun...but I'm secretly hoping that they'll miss me a whole bunch.

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