Thursday, September 9, 2010

Terrific Thursday, Elmo, and MOPS

Even though here in Topeka, KS it's cloudy and drizzling, I've had a terrific Thursday so far! I started early on my 'chores', got to sit down and enjoy 2 cups of coffee (oops!), put more Fall decorations out, and lots of play time and Elmo! Speaking of Elmo, my son has become a HUGE fan of Elmo, Dorothy, and Abby Cadabby (Abby Dabby in Brogan's words). This coming weekend, Sesame Street Live is coming to our city. We've always talked about taking Brogan to something like this eventually but we didn't think it'd be now. But as much as he talks about Elmo and wants to watch his movies 24-7, we figured now would be a perfect time! Plus, his 2nd birthday is Monday so this will be part of his birthday present! I could not be more excited!!! I never got to do these things when I was little so I'm more than thrilled to experience this with our son. AND we got REALLLLLY close seats! He is going to flip! I can't wait!

Also, I just got an invite on Facebook to possibly be a part of a MOPS group! I am MORE THAN THRILLED about this! I've always wanted to get involved in something like this but being a full time working mom, that wasn't an option. However, this group meets every other Thursday morning; my day OFF! This is definitely something I'm going to pray hard about! I think it'd be a great way for me to meet new mom's and for Brogan to meet new little friends!

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