Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Oh my peas has it been a long time since I've posted! Excuse my Super Why! son may have a slight obsession with that show!

We've been super busy the last couple months! My niece was born (Sloan Elizabeth), Tommy jumped out of a plane, the school year started, Brogan's first haircut, family gatherings, an awards ceremony, planning a certain little boys 2nd birthday, the start of college football and tailgating(Go State!), etc.

I also am having my friend Kim (Surprise!) hold me accountable for blogging more. I LOVE blogging and it has been an outlet for me in the past. We've had some ups and downs lately and I know had I blogged about it, I would've felt better. So...Kimmi? HELP ME BLOG MORE!

So, to make sure this isn't a long winded post, here are some pictures from the last couple months to just 'update' you.

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