Thursday, October 7, 2010


There have been a lot of "life discussions" going on in the Guffey household lately and it's starting to stress me out. But I know God has a plan for us as a family, and individually, so I have to trust He'll take care of us! These are all good things we've been talking about but I tend to be antsy and want things to happen NOW. I've been praying for patience. Alot of our changes have to do with my hubbie and I know how stressed and worried he can get. He's an amazing man and I know he only wants what's best for us and our family.

Brogan has been talking up a storm in the past couple weeks! He says something new each day and most of the time we have no idea what he's talking about! I just love how independent (sometimes...haha!) he's getting! It's amazing how their little brains work, isn't it? We've been trying to decide what he should be for Halloween...we have some options (thanks to our amazing and generous friends!) and I'm hoping we can narrow it down this weekend! I'm normally very on top of decisions like this but not this time I guess.

I've been taking pictures left and right lately with the new lens Tommy got me for our anniversary! It's AMAZING! The zoom on it is ridiculous I totally feel like paparazzi when I use it! Ha!

I've had our house decorated for Fall since September and as much as I LOVE my decorations, I'm ready to take them down and get started on Christmas! I know, it's only October but I LOVE Christmas time in our house! They aren't over the top but I do tend to buy new things every year, whether we need them or not, so the house tends to fill up quick! One thing I have been thinking about is our tree. We got a new tree last year and it's a lot bigger than our previous tree. I do not have enough matching ornaments to fill the whole tree, especially after last year. A little boy who will remain nameless broke most of our 'nice' ones. CRAP. So, I'm trying to think of a color combo. I would kill to do something oober chic and girly, but I think my husband would nix that completely. We'll see what comes about....

Today is my second day off this week and I've been so grateful to spend them with Brogan! I've wanted to be a SAHM for a while now so it was nice to sorta experience that. Tonight, I also get to experience what it would be like if we had an infant and a toddler. My sister is dropping off my niece, Sloan, so she can go to the KSU football game with my dad. I'll only have her for about 4 hours but I will be all by myself so this could get interesting! Brogan LOVES baby Sloan so I know he'll be more than excited; I just hope he's gentle! Hahaha!

Today is also one of my very best friends birthday! We're celebrating Saturday by having a girls lunch at a local Italian restaurant! I'm super excited! Saturday night, we're going to celebrate some more with all our friends at Laughing Matters. It worked out that most everyone will be there either working, seeing the show, or in the show. Tommy and I always have the best time when we're there. We were lucky enough to get an overnight sitter for B so we can stay at the theatre and hang out after the show.

Now that B is down for his nap, I'm going to finish watching my shows from last night and do some crafting! I've really gotten in to doing little things here and there! It's quite the stress reliever!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Sending prayers your way that everything falls into know it will :)

    As for your house decor..LOVE LOVE LOVE it..I even came home and told Cam about it, HA!

    Also, when you mentioned new Christmas decor, it made me laugh thinking about those floral stems the other night at Hob Lob....we need to go back!