Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Night With Baby Sloan!

Last night I got to babysit my niece, Sloan, for the first time! I was slightly nervous because Tommy wasn't going to be home so it was just me, Brogan, and baby Sloan. We did GREAT! I only mildly panicked for a second when trying to figure out how to entertain a 2 month old who doesn't like to be put down for long AND how to do our normal bedtime routine. I had a genius idea and it worked! I quickly downloaded a noise machine app on to my phone (have I mentioned how much I'm in LOVE with my iPhone! It's a must have!) and set it on the oscillating fan noise. I put the phone in the pack-n-play with Sloan and got Brogan to sleep no problem! She just layed there quiet as can be, just listening. Thank. The. Good. Lord.

She was a doll baby and my son was so gentle and loving with her! I was so relieved! Brogan LOVES to love on and give hugs, but he doesn't know his own strength most times and loves a little to hard. But like I said, he was gentle and very helpful. I'm hoping this is a sign that he'll be an amazing big brother when the time comes!

Here are a few pictures I snapped with my phone last night.

Sloan smiling at whatever Brogan was doing

Brogan LOVED turning the vibrate on and off...over and over and over....

Such a sweet baby!

Brogan helping again!

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