Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Craft Morning with the girls

This last Saturday, some of my best girlfriends got together for coffee and crafts. Chelsey came up with a great idea to make our GF Melisa cute onsies for her baby girl Delaney, who is set to make her appearance in just a couple weeks! They turned out so cute! We had such a nice time catching up over coffee and then continuing the fun over at Chelsey's house. Some of us (mostly me) got frustrated with the freezer paper project and went straight for the iron ons. BUT they all turned out SO CUTE! Here is a picture of all the finished projects (Chels, I stole this picture from you!! It was much better than mine!).

I'm not exactly sure where Chelsey found the freezer paper tutorial, but I know I've seen it around on some other blogs. And it's such a cute, cheap, and fun way (as long as you don't have an very detailed stencil) to make shirts. I'm totally trying this again, maybe with less espresso in my system (right Jenna!?!?).

We all decided that as each of us have more babies, we'll do this again and again. It was a blast girls! Now, LET'S GET PREGGERS! ;)

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  1. lol, you crack me up! Yes, sans the espresso this time...yikes!

    loved the "now lets get preggers!" haha!