Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities

We enjoyed our 4 day break, that is for sure! I was not ready to head back to work today, especially since yesterday I started to feel yucky. This could be from the over eating and lack of sleep...oops!

Thursday we headed over to Tommy's mom's side for lunch and man oh man was everything delish! We ended up with 6 pies and like 3-4 other desserts. It was a dream come true! I actually made an apple pie this year. But not really. I used Pillsbury pie crust and my SIL's apple pie filling she had made a couple months ago and canned. Either way though, I put it all together, added a few of my own little touches, and baked it! It turned out delish! I was proud of myself. Brogan had so much fun playing with his cousins as well as anyone else who'd give him attention! The girls on Tommy's side (MIL, SIL, aunt, cousin, and myself) decided this year that we were going to head to Legend's Shopping Center in KC on Thursday night. We left at 9:00 pm and had an absolute blast! We stood on a few lines out in the cold but it wasn't too bad. We hit up Carter's (majority of my money was spent there), OshKosh, Rack Room Shoes, Old Navy, The Rocky Mountain chocolate place (DUH!), and a few other little places. OMG, was this a freakin' BLAST! We decided that this was the start of a tradition.
I failed at taking pictures on Thursday. I was so busy chasing Brogan and eating and just taking in the family time I didn't care much for taking pictures.

The last few years on Black Friday (minus last year and the year after B was born), my MIL, SIL, and myself venture to Lawrence to just have a fun day shopping. It's so nice downtown cause the stores are unique and normally aren't packed. When we first got down there, we stopped off at Michael's to waste time while my SIL got her car worked on. And that is where I scored my most favoritest Christmas (or birthday) gift! The Cricuit machine! Michael's had them on sale BF for $60 and they still had plenty left so I snagged one up! I've been secretly, but not so quietly, wanting one of these! I kept hinting to Tommy about it and was SO excited to get it at such a great deal. I also got a few other things but they don't amount up to my Cricuit. I can't wait to take it out of the box, but I'm being a good girl and waiting till Tommy wants to give it to me.

Friday night after Brogan went to bed and Tommy went out for a bit, I got down all our Christmas decorations and went to town, sorta. I was so tired from the last couple days that I mostly focused on the tree. I purchased shatter proof ornaments this year since SOMEONE (a cute little 2 year old who lives in our spare bedroom) broke most of our ornaments last year. It looks so good and I love dimming all the lights in the house and just having the Christmas tree lit. I have, since Friday, gotten most everything out and placed, except our stockings cause I ordered a cute new stocking holder that is BACK ORDERED!!!! Soooo frustrating!

Saturday we had Thanksgiving with my side of the family. We had a great time. Brogan took a wonderfully long nap that allowed this momma and daddy to have a couple glasses of wine, eat a delish lunch, and visit with family! After little man woke up, we played at my parents neighborhood playground. He had SO much fun! We all slept great that night! Sunday morning, my sweet hubbs let me sleep in and I stayed in that bed as long as I could before feeling guilty! Although, I did wake up with a headache and that's when the yucky feeling started. I really hope I don't get sick and that plenty of rest, water, and vitamins will help! FINGERS CROSSED!

Last night, we had dinner at Tommy's dad's house for my SIL's birthday. I ate SO much pizza and tapioca pudding! SO yummy!! We were able to get a game in, which is always fun with this group of people. Tommy's brothers GF played with Brogan so that we could play the game. Soooo sweet of her!

Tonight, I'm helping my sweet momma decorate their house for Christmas! I love doing stuff like that, especially with my bestest friend!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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