Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter is coming!

It's officially snowing in Topeka, KS today. Actually, it's more like rainy, slushy, snowy mix...but still there is snow in the mix. Which means one thing for this gal!!!!

WINTER DECOR IS COMING OUT! I wonder if my husband knows exactly how much 'winter decor' his wife has. He might be completely shocked when he gets home!

I'm so excited for tomorrow! I have a meeting with my churchs DCE (Director of Christian Education) to discuss how I can get more involved with the youth. I really think this is something that God is calling me to do and seriously, I'm so excited to get involved in this way. Now, I might just help out every once in a while but I could also be taking on more than I think. Either way, I trust that God will lead me to do what's best for me and Him.

And tomorrow is also Tommy and I's kidless night! I love Brogan more than words can say, but Tommy and I need some one on one time. Like I said in yesterdays post, we could very well just sit and vedge on the couch but whatever we do, we'll be together with no distractions.

Give someone a hug or big smile today...they might need it more than you think!

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