Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Don't Do Change

Yep. Second post this week...back to back. WHAT WHAT?!?!? <--I don't know.

So I just got a text from one of my best friends, Jenna. She doesn't know how emotional I've been (re: leaving my job of 8 years for something completely knew and different) this last week. But yet she tells me "I know this week is going to make you sad, and possibly question your decision to leave, but keep your chin up and remember you will be going to a place that you will love what you do!" Instant tears folks. Instant. I know I'm making a great decision for myself, my family, and for the future. But holy freakin' cow, it's SO hard to imagine me not sitting behind this desk next week. And for the weeks to come. This has been a safe place for me. I don't do change very well. But we all grow up and move on and I'm not the only one in the universe who's ever gone through this.

Before the text, I also got an email from Jenna this morning regarding a new song I should download. Totally made my morning as well! It's titled "Booty Work" by T-Pain. Very inspirational if you ask me....haha! I told her that I wanted to dance like those girls when I grow up (b.t.dubs: there is a ghetto girl inside this little white girl). It's talent ya'll...pure. talent. Look it up on YouTube. Trust me.

Anywhos. Thanks Jenna for helping me in more ways than one! LOVE YOU OODLES AND OODLES!

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  1. aww, you are welcome girly! You will do great at your new J.O.B!