Monday, July 25, 2011

I've been here the whollllle time.

Let's not talk about where I've been or why I haven't blogged. That'd just be a silly topic and I'd rather pretend it hasn't been half past FOREVER since I've logged on to good ol'

I have, however, still been blog stalking (courtesy of the wonderful Google Reader) on my hiatus and everyday feel guilty for not keeping up with my own blog. Not that I'm THAT interesting, but ya know...I could be if I tried. I'm funny...can I say that? (inside joke...lame I know)

So anywhatsit. Let's at least get down to what we did this weekend.

Spur of the moment Friday afternoon, I text the hubs and through out the idea of finally breaking our sweet little boy of his binkie. His beloved and always faithful binkie. I figured if we don't "rip it off like a bandaid" (sick) then it's gonna take ME a long time to finally get it done. So...that night I told Brogan about how the next day the Binkie Fairy was going to come to our house and get his binkie to give it to a baby who was sad and didn't have one. I explained that this was because he is such a big boy now and big boys don't need binkies. I was hesitant but did it anyway. Saturday morning, I let him have his binkie longer than usual (he normally would put it away right when he got up) and both daddy and mommy reassured him he'd be ok without his binkie and had him say his final goodbyes. Enter emotional mommy here. MAN THAT WAS FREAKIN' HARD!!!! You'd think it was MY binkie that was getting taken away. I made a quick trip to Walgreen's to pick up a little something to leave in the binkies place. I know, bribery probably isn't the best parenting tactic, but lay off me, mm'kay? It's what I needed to do to make myself feel better. Haha! We went swimming for about an hour trying to wear our little monkey out. Come nap time, I honestly was nervous. We showed him what the Fairy had left him and read him the note she left as well. He only cried for about 20 minutes...not. bad. at. all. Except....he woke up 1 1/2 hours later (on a good day, this kid will sleep for 3+ hours). SCREAMING -- So much for wearing him out.And that lasted a good 45 minutes. I felt horrible. But we still held our ground and after his tantrum, he was fine.

Saturday night we headed to Lawrence for dinner to celebrate my FIL's birthday. Brogan was PERFECT! We don't go out to eat much due to a very antsy and busy child. But we were able to eat some fantastic Chinese food and then my BIl, his GF, and my self took Brogan to The Toy Store (family owned! DISCOUNT BABY!) down the street. It was fun for Brogan and for me too...ya see, my BIL works there and on top of getting a family discount, we also get lots of free/discounted goodies. So I was going around making my list of things Brogan needed. Yes, needed. After playing for a while, we headed to the local froyo shop. DELISH.

Brogan was in sugar heaven! We headed home and put B down for a LATE bedtime. He asked Tommy one time for his binkie but that was it...out like a light.

Sunday morning, Brogan so graciously slept in till 8:30 (cue angel chorus) and asked me one time about his binkie. Again, I told him about the Fairy and that was it. I totes broke out my Cinderella waffle iron (wedding gift from my in laws...5 YEARS AGO and this was the first time it's seen light) and made some shitey waffles. Whatevs.

Brogan didn't hardly notice since I put Nutella on top. That afternoon I had a date with my besties daughter (we saw the movie Zookeeper...Hi.Larious.) so I left Brogan at my mom's since Tommy was working. She said nap time was a littttttle rough and he only slept for a little over an hour. Sweet Baby Jebus, I hope this napping thing gets easier/better. Our evening was low key and again, bed time went fine. At least he's sleeping at night, I guess. All in all, this weekend was great!

Today marks my last Monday at work. I was offered a great job so I put in my 2 weeks and this coming Friday is my last day (after 8 years...EIGHT, PEOPLE). Maybe I'll do a post about all that jazz...but honestly, I'm so freakin' emotional about leaving that I don't know if I can. Whatevs. That's life, right?

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