Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm a Beast!

When my husband showed me the house that would be ours after we got married, I was extremely worried. This house was a P.O.S. Granted, it had been gutted so of course it was not as 'sexy' (can a house be sexy? I dunno.) as I had hoped. But they did a wonderful job at making this house really be SEXY! Haha! So jump forward 5 years: we now have a child and way too much stuff for this 2 bedroom/no basement or storage house. Our loft area (that I once had a vision of a cute little nook for reading/office/movie watching) has sorta turned in to a storage area. We finally got rid of this GINORMOUS desk we had and that helped open up the loft a TON! My parents gave us a cute little desk that used to be my grandma's and it is an absolutely perfect fit. However, with all the moving around of furniture to get that big a** desk out of here, the loft again turned in to a cluttered mess and it was just U.G.L.Y. (You ain't got no alibi! -- yeah, I totally just typed that.)

Yesterday, I had enough of the clutter. I attacked this loft like a BEAST! And I dominated sho (<--I say this A. LOT. Like too much. But what can ya do?). I moved SO. MUCH. HEAVY. STUFF (ex: a couch with a hide-a-bed in it). And anyone who knows me, knows I am not a manual labor type girl. I don't like to get dirty and I HATE to sweat, which I do a lot lately cause A) It's hotter that Haites in Kansas this summer and B) I've had a child. Anywho. I'm so proud of my handy work! I moved some of Brogan's toys from the living room up here and he loves it! It's his own little play area. He can watch his movies up here and play with some of his favorite toys. There are a few things that need a 'place' or stuff we probably could get rid of, but for now it's cozy and comfy and it works. I'd show you pictures but I have yet to do that. Lame, I know.

It's amazing how rearranging a room or just tackling a project that has been on the back burner can make you feel so good! And it's a great way to handle stress...not that I would have any right now. *insert sarcasm*

I'm am, however, happy to have my cute little nook for reading, an office, and a play area for Brogan.

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