Monday, April 13, 2009

My First (kinda long) 'Not Me Monday'

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. (Since her son, Stellan, has been in the hospital she hasn't been doing her 'Not Me's' but you can browse some of her older 'Not Me' posts!)

My 4 day weekend was NOT full of fun with my baby boy! Absolutely NOT! I would NEVER want to spend so much time with Mr. Brogan, no way! Let's start with new SUV did NOT stop running on me out of the blue and did NOT have to get towed to the car dealerships garge. And also it did NOT have to be taken to a different garge to be fixed....and I did NOT, in turn, have to drive a MINI VAN (pictures to follow)! Friday was NOT a great day with my baby boy...NOT just lounging in jammies, NOT taking great naps (him, not me), and NOT getting TONS of laundry and house work done! Nope NOT this gal! Friday night was NOT spent with one of my bestest friends and her new boyfriend...who is absolutely NOT perfect for her! :) Saturday morning I did NOT get to ride around in a fashionable mini van while NOT going to get my hair cut...and while I was there, I did NOT get fantastic news that our SUV was fixed and ready to be picked up! I was NOT overly excited about NOT having to drive the NOT so cute mini van anymore! Hallelujah! Saturday night was NOT spent with my wonderful hubbie and our sweet baby. It was a NOT very much needed night (ok this sentence seriously does NOT make sense or sound correct but whatev!). Sunday was NOT a great first Easter for Brogan! He did NOT go on his first Easter hunt nor did he NOT make out like a bandit with some great Easter gifts! We did NOT make it to a church service Sunday morning which did NOT make me disappointed. But the day went on and was NOT great! Monday morning did NOT come very fast but it did bring a very smiley baby on this NOT very rainy day!
Thanks for reading my 'Not Me Monday' post!
What did you NOT do this weekend? Anything exciting?

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