Saturday, April 18, 2009

A rough start to a great day!

I had a very rough start to my day...I'd go in to details but if I do, I'll just get worked up again and I'm starting to move past it so we'll just leave it as--my hubbie! I decided after I got Brogan up and fed that I was not going to sit around my house all day and do chores (which I need to do SOOOOOO very badly...oh well, Sunday will be the day for all that) so I called up my partner is oh-so-many-crimes, Miss Molly. She has a ritual EVER Saturday..she drops her oldest daughter off at dance and then proceeds to Starbuck's with her youngest daughter to meer her dad. Welp, as I stated earlier, I wanted out of the house so I invited myself to Starbucks! I put Brogan down for a quick nap because I just knew this day was going to be spent running around and having fun! After he woke up, we got dressed and hit the town! Starbuck's was busy but well worth the wait...this morning was a morning caffeine was needed! I got myself a Viente Caramel Frappacino (something I'd never tried) and let me tell you, it was D-E-LICIOUS! I might have also had a piece of Lemon Pound Cake...maybe. After that, we packed up the babies and started our busy day! We picked up Macie, Molly's oldest, and headed to Target. Now, I was on a mission to buy some stuff but I just wasn't sure what. Then, after strolling thru the aisles, I saw it. A stinkin' cute shower curtain that we be perfect on our guest bathroom! So...without a second thought, I stuck it in my cart...along with a matching shower mat! Did I mention it was stinkin' cute!?! :) *Please see picture*

After I got my start with the shower curtain/mat, I wanted to get some more fun things for my bathroom! Molly said I could have 2 white shelves of hers (YES!!!), I got a bright blue picture frame, perfect for a picture of Brogan after his bath time, and I copied Molly's idea for a crafty project...again, please see picture!

I was pretty impressed with the amount of money I did NOT spend today...I was pretty sure I was gonna drop quite a bit on my new found project but I actually did not. I haven't added it up yet, but I just know, ok? :)

Not only have I been wanting to finish our guest bathroom, but I've also desperately wanted to redecorate our mastor bedroom. I finally got the 'ok' from my hubbie so I've been searching for the perfect comforter set. I found one online about a month ago but I just wasn't sure about ordering if offline. in our shopping spree, I actually found it at Gorman's!! And it was even cheaper than online! Plus not only did they have the color I saw online, they had a different color too!! WAHOO! Now I just have to make a choice.

When I arrived home from my day-o-shopping, my hubbie suprised me with one of my favorite things EVER!

Oh and he had also drawn this...

Can we say suck up? :) I also have a list of things for him to do around the house tomorrow to make up for not-said issue...mostly just hanging things up around the house!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pour myself a nice glass of Relax and watch a movie with my sister!

Hope you all (or 2) have a fabulous rest of the weekend!!


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