Thursday, April 30, 2009


So my friend wrote a couple blogs this week about her feelings towards a certain guy contestant on American Idol. This inspired me to write a little about how I feel about Mr. Adam Lame-bert...oh sorry, is that not his name? A few of my friends are very suprised that I, being a very theatrical person myself, do not like this theatrical singer. Well, I DO love theatre, musical theatre, etc. However, I do NOT like OVER THE TOP, OUTRAEGEOUS performers. Adam is talented yes, I'll give him that. But he has the most annoying, winey, screachy, screaming singing voice E-V-E-R!!!! Plus, as my friend Molly point out in her blog post today, the boy wears TOO MUCH eye makeup! A little guy-liner, ok; Pete Wentz does it. But eye shadow that looks like something I might wear when I go out, is redonkulous! Seriously, buddy, a clue would be nice.

So with all that being said....the Guffey household was THRILLED when Adam was in the bottom 2 last night on AI. But sad to say, he ended up staying and Matt got sent home. Boo!!!! I'm hoping that next week might be a different story! FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED!

Hope you all feel the same as we do about Adam!!

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