Thursday, August 13, 2009

11 Months and 2 New Additions!

Just wanted you to see somethin'!

Do you see these those 2 little pearly whites?? Aren't they the cutest lil' teeth you've ever seen?? :)

Today our Brogan is 11 months old. I cannot believe it! In just one short month, it will officially be one year since I gave birth to our son. Again, I cannot believe it! The birthday party planning has already begun (at least 2 months ago) but I know it won't seem real until that day or even a couple weeks after.

Brogan is so close to walking! He has a push toy he plays with all the time and also moves from one object to the next by holding on and walking side to side. He's getting better at standing by himself without holding on but he hasn't quite gotten the nerve up to move his feet! I don't think I'm quite ready for him to figure out walking on his own. Not only will he be constantly on the go but he will be closer and closer to 'not needing his momma'.. :) Just teasing...this child will ALWAYS need/want his momma. At least that's what I tell myself right now. Don't take that away from me, ok? ;)

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