Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Wow. I have been sucking at posting!! Every night when I have some time to actually blog, I get in a lazy funk and don't want to do it! I know I'm not that interesting, but I've actually had some fun things to blog about.

A brief summary:

Last week was our first week of rehearsals, and I have LOVED every minute! Sunday we had our first dance rehearsal and man was it a work out!

Speaking of workouts, I started waking up early before work and doing a workout! I am determined to get this body in to shape before having to bare quite a bit of it on stage!

Saturday morning, I went with a group of my close girlfriends to Legends (an outdoor shopping center in Kansas City) to do some shopping! This coming Saturday is Topeka Civic Theatre's Renna Awards night and everyone gets all gussied up! So...we definitely had to do some major shopping for this event! I wasn't going to get anything since I already had a dress I could wear...until my friend found a Caaaa-ute! dress for me to try on. I did, not thinking anything of it, and when I walked out of the dressing room was told that I NEEDED this dress. I bought it. And shoes. And a ring. And the whole outfit was cheaper than the one dress I had. Holla! :) Oh and I also spent a butt load of moula on my son!!! Baby Gap and Carter's were having some crazy good sales! He's going to be quite the looker this fall/winter! :)

Saturday night I got together with some other great girls for our first 'Dishing Diva's' night. My friend Molly and I got this idea from a blogger friend, Ashley, where every month we get together with a group of girls for a fun and festive girls night! Ashley and her friends have a night called 'Kitchen Queens' and it mostly revolves around food! We wanted to do the same kind of thing but we might also try to squeeze in some fun crafts, movies, etc. every once in a while. We had great food, lots of laughs, and got to meet new people. Hopefully this can continue and grow in to something wonderful! :)

Like I said before, Sunday was my first dance rehearsal...and it was also a fussy day for my baby boy! I think his top teeth were bothering him and he just didn't seem himself. Thank God he seems better this week so far!

Ok so there's my review of my week/weekend. I do have pictures from Saturday's events that I will post...maybe tomorrow for my Wordless Wednesday. IF I get around to uploading my pictures! Oops!

Loves and hugs to you all!

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  1. Hi Lindsey! Just wanted to stop by! I got you on my top friends now ;) YIPPEE! HUGS!!!!