Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Look Who's Evil NOW!

No, I haven't gone completely mad and am worshiping Satan....but I did, however, get cast in a show at Topeka Civic Theatre (a local community theatre) titled 'Evil Dead: The Musical'. My character is Shelly, the ditzy, slighty slutty college girl :) I don't think it fits my personality at all! Totally kidding!! Well, I'm not a slut but I can play one real well on stage! Rehearsals start tonight and I'm so super pumped. This will be 1) my first production since having Brogan AND being pregnant with him and 2) my first production at this theatre. I've done several shows in the past but they've all been at another community theatre in town, Helen Hocker. The cast is amazing and I think it'll be a blast! This show is slighty out of my comfort zone (I have to be comfortable wearing a bra on stage...yikes!) but I'm so ready to tackle it! It gives me the movtivation to work out! 2 of my great, great friends are choreographing the show so I know the dancing will be phenominal! If you're in the Topeka area in Ocotber, make sure you get tickets and come see this show! It runs for 3 weekends starting October 9, with an added show on Halloween night.

Here's the professional productions website! It gives an overview of the show and a cute video!


Have a super, EVIL, day!

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  1. Yay!! Good for you! That's got to feel great!

    I have a friend who just started blogging and is a little frustrated with the lack of acting jobs available to her. You'll love her. http://idontwantanoscar.blogspot.com/

    And thanks for blogging about the giveaway...although your blog is adorable!!