Friday, October 2, 2009

Show Us Your Life--Baby Gear

Show Us Your Life (hosted by Kelly @ Kelly's Korner) is all about our favorite Baby Gear this week!

The things we LOVED for our Brogan Boy:

1) Bassinet: Brogan slept in our room until he was just about 3 months old and the bassinet was a life savor (this was borrowed from my dear friend Tera @ Shootin' The Breeze with Momma Giff)! It was so nice having him so close to us during the night, especially since I was nursing him. I'd just pick him up without having to get out of my bed! Plus it was just nice knowing I could reach over and touch him to make sure he was still breathing!

2) Swing: (This was also a hand me down) OH MY LORDIE was this a God send!! We actually used this right away one night when Brogan would not stop screaming! He loved the movement! We used this until he was about 5-6 months and was starting to sit up to look at the dog on the floor. I was so nervous that he would tip the swing over, we stopped using it. When we have another baby, I will be purchasing a different swing. I loved the one we had but I'd rather have one that reclines a little more and has a mobile the baby can look at.

3) Bumbo seat w/tray: I loved this thing! When Brogan first starting eating rice cereal, he was still too small for his high chair so we got a Bumbo seat with a tray for him to use. It worked great! It was also nice to use to have him practice sitting up and knowing he wouldn't tip over.

4) Boppy Pillow: I used this thing almost every time I nursed Brogan! I kinda wish I wouldn't have gotten so dependent on it but at least I got my money's worth out of it! It was also nice to have when we were holding him and didn't want to cause 'too much strain on our arms'...hahaha, can we say lazy!?! I will definitely use this with the next baby but hopefully I can get used to nursing without having to use this, or another pillow for that matter.

5) High chair: We LOVE our high chair! It's not the plastic kind with animal print or anything like that. We wanted something very neutral and we really wanted a wooden high chair. We found one that is perfect! What I love so much about it is that there is a plastic cover for the tray that way we don't have to worry about the wood tray getting messed up. After every meal, I wash the plastic tray so he usually eats his snack on the wooden tray. That way I feel like it's not pointless to have '2' trays...make sense? Well to me it does so I guess that's what matters! :)

There are so many other things that worked great for us, but these are the main things.

Writing and reading about all these baby things makes the urge to have another baby a tad bit stronger! If my hubbie knew that, he'd kill me! :)

I'm hoping you all have a great Fall weekend! Bring on the cider and pumpkins!

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  1. Good post girl... Im right there with ya!!!!