Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo at the Zoo/Gary's Berries

This is just a cute picture of my little man in his Halloween jammies!

This weekend was FULL of Fall fun!! Saturday morning was spent at Boo at the Zoo! Sadly, Tommy couldn't come with us because he was working a side job so I took one of my best girlfriends, Bethany, along! We went to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte to begin the day and to get in the Fall mood. We got to Gage Park to find that the place was PACKED! We quickly put Brogan in his adorable monkey costume and away we went! Once we got inside the zoo we met up with 2 of my fave girls, Molly and Kela and their adorable children! Brogan did pretty good for the most part as long as we were moving. But once we stopped for longer than 30 seconds, the kid was FUSSY and wanted out of his stroller! So being the push over mommy that I am, I took him out. It was fun to watch him toddle around in his costume but it was wearing me out! We then got seperated from the other girls and never did see them again...sorry Moll :( We walked around getting candy and looking at the animals. It was such a gorgeous day to be at the zoo! I wish we could've enjoyed it more but there was just SO many people! Holy Smokes! With all the commotion aside, we had a great time and cannot wait to do it again next year! Although, I believe I will get him a wagon for next year. I think he'll be more comfortable and have a lot more room to stretch out! Plus he'll be another year older and hopefully will sit patiently...fingers crossed.

Here are some pictures from Boo at the Zoo!

Sunday afternoon was spent with some great people at Gary's Berries...a local Pumpkin patch/corn maze/other fun things! We took Brogan to my mom's for the afternoon so we could have some adult fun time :) We met some of our friends who are in Evil Dead with me. We made sure to do EVERYTHING they had to offer! The corn maze, Piiig Races, a huge bouncy thing, hayrack ride, and of course we ate YUMMY things, like Funnel Cakes and Apple Cider Slushies! I'll leave you with some pictures from our day! We all felt like kids again and it was SOOOO much fun...seriously, the best time I've had in a LONG time! Very. Much. Needed.

Jumping on the giant jumpy-thing!

The Piiig Races
*Us four girls got to 'call' the pigs (made me think of Ashley and Kelly!)! My piggie won so I got the prize of a plastic pig nose! Highlight of my day :)

Me and my honey on the Hayrack Ride

This is me (and my butt) trying to get in this large rocking chair...I made it but whew! It was a workout!

Eatin' some cotton candy!

Just bein' silly!

Hope you all had a fabulous Fall weekend!