Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. Cold...GO AWAY!

I'm feeling icky today...majorly icky. My nose is stuffy, my eyes hurt, my head is going to explode, and I'm so, so tired. I really hope I can kick this before this weekend!

Friday night my brother, sis in law, and niece are coming in from Chicago and we're having a (late) 1st birthday party for my niece! I cannot wait to see them and snuggle that sweet baby girl...if I'm feeling better! I don't want to have to stay away from her and her sweet cheeks :)

Saturday is obviously a big day! I am so excited to take our little monkey around to trick or treat...and then I have to wait around for 9:00 pm. That's what time I have to be at the theatre for our 10 pm show. Talk about tired! Then after the show is over, we're heading to a HUGE Halloween bash!! I'll have to be sure to post pictures of our costumes! They're no surprise. Tommy is dressing up as a character from the new movie '9' and I'm going as a zombie ballerina--only because I'll already be nasty from the show AND I wanted to be somewhat cute. We'll see how it turns out :)

Sunday I plan on sleeping in (Brogan will be at my in laws) and Sunday night we're heading to Kansas City to see the 'So You Think You Can Dance' tour! I'm so excited! It's a late anniversary outing :)

The Monday...the girl is OFF WORK! Brogan is staying the night at my mom's house (2 nights in a row...I'm excited AND sad!) Sunday night while we're out and then he's just going to stay at her house Monday during the day. While he's away, this momma is going to sleep in and tackle the house! Since I've been in this show, I've not give any attention to cleaning--not much anyway.

So...Mr. Cold or whatever you are, please stay away so I can enjoy my weekend!

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