Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Emergency 'D' Run

This morning my wonderful hubbie called me at work to inform me he accidentally forgot Brogan's binky (pacifier) or as Brogan calls it, his 'D', at home. He told my mom that at nap time if he really isn't going down to see if maybe he'd take a bottle nipple. I had called my mom to see how Brogan was doing and if he'd asked for his 'D' and she said he had. I told her to call me if it got bad and I'd run home to get it (I had planned to go home and get it at lunch anyway). Well about an hour and a half later, mom called. So I had to make an emergency 'D' run! My sweet boy was so sleepy and was not going down at all for a nap! He sweet little eyes were red and wet when I got there but he perked up when he saw what his mama had in her hand! That sweet boy :)

I asked the doctor yesterday if there was a way he suggested on breaking Brogan of his binky and he told us not to worry right now. If he does fine without it during the day, then just put it where he can get to it. If he cries for it, tell him that he can go get it if he wants it. I think this will work just fine for us! I'm not going to push breaking the habit right now and since he doesn't use it much except for nap/bed time or if he's unhappy (or in the car), we should be golden!

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