Monday, May 24, 2010


...I've been slacking on getting pictures uploaded. But here are some recent pictures of what we've been up to lately!

After bath one night last week Brogan didn't want to take his 'hat' off aka his hooded towel.

Brogan's girlfiend Kenadie came over to visit last Thursday! It's hard to believe they are 4 months apart! Brogan looks like a 4 year old compared to her...

Any time we're in the garage, Brogan insists on riding the lawn mower...he LOVES to drive it. Tommy let Brogan mow with him last week when it was cooler outside and B LOVED every second of it! Especially when they went 'FAST!'.

Brogan discovered the mud puddle in our driveway on Saturday morning. I turned away for a quick second and when I turned around I saw this:

Instead of getting mad and quickly getting him cleaned up, I ran inside to get the camera! He loved it so much and I just couldn't get upset at his sweet face! He did get a bath afterwards and the clothes went straight in to the washer!

Such a little stud muffin'!

Watching Daddy hammer aka 'bang bang'! :)

Lately, he's been climbing up in this chair to read his books. It's too stinkin' adorable! And he's been obsessed with putting on his sandles!

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