Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Water & Smarts

I've been looking for some outdoor toys for Brogan for a while now. I really want to get him some sort of playhouse/jungle-gym/slide type thingy but I've also wanted to get him a sandbox/water table. I found a water table on Toys R Us' website that was on sale so today over lunch, I headed out there to get one! I cannot wait for him to see it!

I also got a $10 plastic pool for our big dog, Bella. She's outside all the time now and since she's so dark in color, she gets hot very quickly. I think she's just going to love it!

I'm also considering signing B up for swim lessons! Our community center pool offers a Parent/Tot class and I think this would be perfect for us! Hopefully I can get him signed up for 1, or maybe 2, sessions this summer. He's just love it!

We had our 2nd PAT meeting last night and it went great! Our teacher, Cheri, is so impressed with Brogan and it just warms this mama's heart. She gave us some activities to try to expand his vocabulary and I just bet by our next appointment, he'll just blow her out of the water! This program is amazing and I'm so glad we got involved. One of my best friends is a PAT teacher for a different school district here in town which is nice because we're able to ask her questions as well. And she gives Brogan lots of fun things from her school! We like to say our son is a genius (what parent doesn't??) but he truly is so smart for his age. We are very blessed!

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  1. This is so cute! I just love it! I think I need it! ;) hope you are well!