Friday, May 14, 2010

Seussical: The Musical

Well, I failed at getting pictures of Brogan at his first theatre experience. Bad mother, I know. My excuse is this: we didn't make it to the end of the show. But I will say my little bean did so good! He loved the upbeat songs and the bright colors and dancing. It almost brought tears to my eyes to watch him LOVE it! That or it could've been the intense pain I had shooting through my low back. You see, they were having a few technical difficulties at the beginning so I spent about 15 minutes chasing my sweet 20 month old. I bent down to scoop him up and I felt some serious pain! I tried to walk it off and not think about it...but as we sat in the seats, the pain got worse. Brogan started to get fussy about 45 minutes in to the show (I was oober surprised he made it that long) so we went ahead and left. The show itself was adorable and we're actually seeing it, in full, tonight. Tommy and I are volunteering so we get to see the show for free! I can't wait! I left a surprise in the green room for the cast and crew! I'll try to get a picture to night and post it...but we all know that I've been slacking on the 'taking pictures when I say I will' front. Oops! Oh well, such is life.

We're supposed to be going skydiving...scratch that, TOMMY is supposed to be skydiving tomorrow. But the weather doesn't look promising. SUCK. Oh well. We have another date night tomorrow night! I can't wait. So at least we have SOMETHING to look forward to tomorrow that won't get canceled!

Have a super great weekend!

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