Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Sissy's Baby Shower

Last Saturday, my cousin Lisa and I threw my sister a baby shower! She's expecting their first baby (a sweet little lady, Sloan Elizabeth) in August! We went with a Lady Bug theme since Sloan's bedding has lady bugs on it. I think we did a great job, if I do say so myself. Shannon was thrilled with everything! We had the shower at my mom's house, since she has more room. Lisa and I were in charge of everything, except for the food. My mom made 2 breakfast casseroles; one was a french toast casserole that was to DIE FOR and the second was some sort of egg, ham, peppers, etc. that was equally as delicious. I ordered cupcakes from my sweet friend Kristina (she made B's birthday cupcakes, our wedding cake, etc.) and they turned out perfect! We had 4 different flavors: yellow cake w/chocolate ganache filling, chocolate cake w/raspberry filling, red velvet w/cream cheese filling, and pink champagne cake w/cheesecake filling. Go ahead and wipe the drool from your mouth. Kristina also put lady bugs, flowers, and polka dots on the tops of the cupcakes! And she threw in a large cupcake for the Mommy To Be! Shannon loved it! We played a couple games. First was Bingo but instead of calling it Bingo, we called it 'Sloan'. Each guest had a blank 'Sloan' card and had to fill in the blanks with baby items, chosen from a list we printed off. Then Shannon (and my sweet niece Ava) drew out the items from a bowl and the first 2 people to get a 'Sloan' got prizes! It was fun and it definitely 'educated' my sister on stuff she'll need! The second game wasn't really a game but it was still fun. While Shannon opened her gifts, we set a timer for 4 minutes. Whoever gave Shannon the gift she was opening when the timer went off, got a prize. Some of our prizes were gifts for the guest but some (and most) were gifts for Shannon and Sloan. We had 'party favors' for the guests as they left; lady bug chapstick -- thanks Avon! -- and Lucky Charm marshmallow treats. The thing that Shannon has mostly been craving has been Lucky Charms so my cousin Lisa made them in to treats, like rice krispy treats. She even went thru the whole box of cereal and picked out the marshmallows before making the treats and then she put them on top after they were done! That's love right there...hehe!

Here are some pictures from the shower! Enjoy!

My sister collects Boyd's Bear figurines and my mom got Sloan her first one!

Opening gifts!

Doesn't this little outfit scream 'Diva'!?! My best friend got it for Sloan with Aunt Lindsey in mind :)

The cupcake table

Cute, sissy. Very cute. :)

Playing 'Sloan'

My beautiful niece, Maddie

All the gifts! This little girl is not going to be spoiled at all!

The decor

My mom, Shannon, and Shannon's MIL, Peggy

The hostesess and the Mommy to Be

Now, we wait for little miss to make her arrival! I cannot wait to snuggle that sweet girl!

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