Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Little Monkey Jumpin' On The Bed!

I got inspired by my friend, Molly @ The Hall Monitor to do a short post on Brogan's Halloween costume! I wasn't sure for the longest time what we were going to dress Mr. Man up as for his first (but not really first, just first to actually dress up) Halloween. I was RACKING MY BRAIN! I had always loved the plush, cute costumes Old Navy and some other stores have had but I just wasn't sure. I was shopping last weekend with Miss Molly and we went to Old Navy. They were having a pretty decent sale of their Halloween costumes and Molly told me it was now or never. Ok, not really but she did help me decide to get a costume! We decided on this:

Isn't it adorable? I think so too! I do, however, think Brogan will be SOOO much cuter than the kid in the picture...oops, be nice Lindsey! And hopefully Brogan will be ok with having this costume on and not try to rip it off. Either way, he'll be adorable! I cannot wait!

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