Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting ready...

Next Saturday evening we will be celebrating our son's FIRST birthday (but his birthday isn't technically until Sunday, the 13th)! I've been thinking of what 'theme' I want to use, what to eat, cake or cupcakes, the location, invite family and friends or just family, etc. Well, I think we're just about ready! We're having the party, of just family members this time around, at my parents house in their permitting. I decided to do a fish/ocean/beach type theme...mostly in the cupcakes and colors. My sister in law's best friend bakes and decorates some amazing cakes! She did our wedding cake and it was delicious so she's the first person I thought of to make cupcakes for the birthday party! I cannot wait to see what she whips up! I think we're going to have 2 different flavors with some yummy fillings! The tops will be bright blue-ish/turquoise with cute sea creatures on them. Brogan will have a slightly bigger cupcake with a number 1 on it!! We decided to go ahead and serve dinner instead of just snacks. Tommy is making his famous jumbaliah and we're having other family members help us out by bringing other side dishes. This past weekend me and my momma went out and got the table setting stuff. I decided on doing everything different colors: table cloth = bright blue, forks = yellow, plates = bright green, napkins = orange, cups = darker blue. I hoping for a bright and fun table! Another friend of mine let us borrow her serving tower that we will put the cupcakes on! I just have a few other things to get...I want to get little sand pales to put Goldfish crackers in and the silverware. And I might get a couple to go outside on the picnic tables for added decoration. Most of the 'pretty' stuff will be inside, as that's where the food will be set up.

I'm also making him a shirt with a cute goldfish on it to wear to the party. But he will be in just a diaper when the cake fiasco begins! :)

I'll be sure to take LOTS AND LOTS of pictures of our son's big day! I cannot wait!!!

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