Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Bean!

This last weekened we celebrated our son's first birthday...whoa, that's still weird to type/say/think. It just doesn't seem right that it's already been a year since he came in to our lives. But I wouldn't have it any other way, naturally :)

Saturday evening we had our families over to my mom's house for Brogan's birthday party. I did a 'fish/ocean' theme but only to an extent. I mostly decorated with bright colors. And, in all actuality, I only really decorated the food table :) I figured that I can start going all out next year when Brogan can actually get in to it! I had a friend of mine bake cupcakes and they were amazing! She decorated the tops in bright blue and green frosting with little sea creatures on top. The flavors were yellow cake with a chocolate filling and chocolate cake with a white cream filling. Again, AH-MAZE-ING! Oh my! :) Brogan had a bigger cupcake than everyone else and his had blue frosting with a cute ocotpus on top!

For dinner we had BLT's, pasta salad, homemade mac and cheese, fruit jello salad, and a corn salsa dip w/chips. Oh my, there was a lot of food and it was all SO good! After dinner, Brogan 'opened' his presents...but mostly I did and shortly after we started he wasn't that interested and wanted to sit with the other kiddos :) It was actually quite cute! He did play for a bit with his new toys and of course the boxes/tissue paper. We noticed that our big boy was starting to get fussy so we quickly moved on to the cake!

We stripped Brogan down to his diaper, sat him in his high chair, and got ready for the fun! :) We sang 'Happy Birthday' and blew out his '1' candle and let him dig in. I had to tease him a bit with the frosting by putting some in his mouth. Then, it was on! He had blue frosting all over his little mouth and his hands were covered! He barely ate any of the cupcake itself. When he started fliging the cupcake around and dropped it on Grandma Linda's carpet (oops!), we decided it was time to be done and get that boy in to the bath tub!

After his quick bath, we packed up all Brogan's new things and headed home for bed! Our little man was out by the time we got home! :) Bless his heart!

Sunday was his actual birthday so we decided to have a fun family day! We played with all his new toys, went to Gage Park to ride the carosel and train, visited some of my friends at rehearsal, and then back home for a 2 hour nap, dinner and another little cupcake, played some more, and bed! :)

Again, it's so hard to believe our baby boy isn't so much a baby anymore :( Well, he'll always be momma's baby!

Brogan, you are such an amazing little boy and we couldn't imagine our lives without you! You have made the last year the most amazing one of our lives! You are getting so smart and clevor :) I love every second I spend with you and I miss you every second I'm away from you. Thank you for being our son! And thank God for giving you to us!!!

*Here are some pictures from this weekend (all out of order...stinkin' Blogger)!

Also, Mr. Man isn't walking quite yet but in the last few days he's taken quite a few steps all by himself!! I know it won't be long!

Our best family picture from the party!

The tired boy after his party!

Riding the carosel :)

Eating his birthday breakfast--scrambled eggs and toast

Trying to decide what toys to play with!

Diggin' in to his birthday cupcake!

It's delicious momma!

This was after Brogan decided he didn't want to help momma open presents. He wanted to sit with the big kids :)

Opening presesnts

Opening presents

Miss Ava (my niece) pushing Brogan in his swing

Tommy makin' the bacon for the BLT's

Brogan showing off his birthday shirt

Brogan's cupcake is in the middle...the poor octopus' head got a little smashed during the delivery...oop!

The cupcakes

Our little Scarecrow

Our not-so-cowardly Lion

Riding the train

Eating his first chocolate cupcake

This was after he realized momma wasn't giving him anymore cupcake...he wasn't happy.

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