Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Real 'Accident'

Babies get bumps and bruises, cuts and owies, all the time. It's normal, I know. But it still doesn't make me feel better knowing my baby got hurt last night and I wasn't home to comfort him :( I had rehearsal and Tommy had to work late so neither of us were home for Brogan's first real 'accident' (Tommy's dad and step mom were watching B). I called Tommy on my way home from rehearsal and he informed me that Brogan had a slight accident. Um...what?!? Brogan was crawling around playing before bedtime and discovered our back door stop, a brick. He quickly crawled to it and before anyone could stop him, he pulled the brick on to his hand. Just one of his fingers got hurt, thank God, and not his whole hand. I about came unglued in the car after Tommy told me this because I could only imagine him screaming and crying! It still breaks my heart :( I looked at it this morning and it's pretty bruised. My poor baby! I think it bothered him in the middle of the night too because he woke up a few times whimpering. So, this momma just HAD to go in a soothe and cuddle him! He acts fine today but I know it still hurts, naturally.

Here are a couple pictures I took this morning. You can see his 'owie' but you can't see how bruised it actually is.

I guess this is the first of MANY accidents but I know they'll never get easier.

*Updated about 2 hours after I wrote this*
At lunch time today, I went over to my mom's to see my boy, like always. While we were playing, Brogan reached up and grabbed a hold of my mom's end table to stand up. Apparently his little hands slipped, because the next thing I knew he was face first in the carpet crying...loudly. I picked him up just thinking he got scared and MAYBE bonked his head a little. Well after holding and snuggling him for a bit, I looked at his face and noticed a pretty good size bruise and scratch. WHAT?? I looked around the table and realized he must have bonked his face on a concrete-type cylinder thingy (I don't know...) that my mom keeps magazines in under the table. Usually it's pushed back under the table but one of the other kiddos my mom watches must have pulled it out. I got a picture of this nice owie too.

Did I mention my son has his ONE YEAR pictures Saturday? Great. He'll look like Mike Tyson...only white.

I'm going to put him in a bubble the rest of the week!


  1. My youngest slipped and hit her head on the foot of our glider rocking chair about 10 minutes before her 1st birthday party started, and sports a big ol' bruise in all of the pictures. In the middle of opening presents for that same 1st birthday party her older sister came up to me and said, "mommy I don't feel good" and then proceeded to throw up all over my feet. (Luckily she missed the gifts that were piled all around me. We also managed to get the whole incident on video tape (Not purposefully, but Jeff happened to be videoing at the time.) Stuff just happens before that first big birthday. Glad the lil' guy is ok though!

  2. AWWWW poor little thing! I just wanted to kiss that little booboo!! ;(