Saturday, April 10, 2010

21 things...

Beautiful smile

Amazing dance skills


Young at heart (AND age)

Caring beyond belief

Crazy great hair doing techniques

Hard worker

The best Multi-tasker


Funny...can I say that? ;)

Contagious laugh

Bargain QUEEN

Sparkling eyes

Very talented in the self portrait taking field -- FB as my witness

TALENTED in general! Holy smokes!

Lover of caffeine

The most loyal Crimson and Blue fan...EVER!

Knows more about iPhones than Apple

Has an adorable sense of fashion


And.......IS FINALLY 21 TODAY!

I'm talking about one of my best friends, Kim. Her birthday is today and she's finally turning 21! She's been waiting for this day for a long long time but over the last 2 months, we've totally been counting down. I could go on and on about Kimmi but I figured 21 things fit the day!

Kimmi, you're an amazing friend and I love you so much! Thank you for everything you've ever done for me, even if it was just getting me a blizzard from DQ over lunch :) I couldn't ask for a better co-worker! You make my days a whole lot easier! I can't wait for the celebrations to begin....35 minutes till lunch :) I'll hold your hair anytime you need me to....even after tonight!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I'll be having a blast tonight!

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  1. So sweet! Hope she has a FAB b-day!!

  2. What a sweet post for your friend! Happy 21st to her!