Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Shower MADNESS!

As you may have read, my sister and brother in law found out yesterday they are expecting a girl! Well, once my totally excitement and giddy-ness (totally not a word...I don't think), I went in to mad 'planning a baby shower' mode! The shower is 3 weeks from this coming Saturday!!!!!! My sweet cousin Lisa is co-hosting this shindig with me, thank the Good Lord! We have come up with a theme, ordered the cupcakes, gotten the invite designed (just needs to be finalized and printed...and then sent out), and I spent my lunch break today getting some fun things to make! I'm no Martha Stewart but I'm willing to try for my sister. Thank goodness HL was having some good sales on everything I wanted to get...and the one thing that wasn't on sale, I was able to use a 40% off coupon for!

Since I know my sister doesn't read my blog, I can tell you a little about what we're doing! Miss Sloan's (isn't that precious?!?!) nursery is going to be lady bugs, so naturally so is her shower! The bedding is absolutely adorable. My cousin is such a great shower thrower so she's come up with some cute ideas (WHOO!). I've come up with some also, for which I'm pretty proud :) Ok, actually I've blogged stalked AND taken ideas from other showers I've been to, but hey...there's nothing wrong with taking some credit, right? So, we're going to have 2 diaper cakes...I'm making the traditional 3-tiered diaper cake with cute ribbon, flowers, and baby accessories and my cousin is making a diaper cake that will actually resemble a lady bug! Too. Stinkin'. Cute. Since every nursery needs to have the baby's name on the wall, I got letters for Sloan's wall. And the make those letters CA-UTE, I also bought scrapbook paper to glue on to the letters (thank God for crafty friends!!!)!

Ok so that's all I'm gonna give you for now! I'll be sure to take tons of pictures as we go along!

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  1. Ladybug theme, HOW CUTE!! Can't wait to see pics, and I love her cute little name :)