Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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**Beware: this is quite the random, out of order, babbling post**

I have been having a stickler of a time trying to get ALLLLLLL my pictures uploaded on here. I have so many I want to show on here! Oh might just get an Easter post in May :)

Brogan is teething hard core (at least we're hoping that's what the issue is) and has been a CRAB! He throws random fits and cannot be comforted. It's either teeth or his terrible 2's are starting early.

Rehearsals are getting intense, at least for me. I had a BREAK. DOWN. the other night. Oh my! I was fighting back tears thru rehearsal -- thank God it wasn't a full cast rehearsal -- and brown down in the parking lot afterwards. I felt better after last nights first full run thru but it's still a difficult role. Oh well, it'll be over before we know it and then I'll miss it.

I have a funny story about something I HAD to do yesterday...that's a whole other post and hopefully with a picture.

Sorta speaking of the funny story, I ordered Brogan a ton of cute clothes from -- I'm SOOO glad they finally have a website you can buy from! I got a pretty good deal too; free shipping and 20% off! That's my kind of shopping :)

My body is SO sore today! If you've seen my Facebook status today, you'll understand why. But if you haven't, I admit my admiration for the work strippers do! HAHAHAHA! Not that 'let me take off my clothes and degrade myself' aspect, but the fact that they have to have some serious talent and upper body strength to work that pole. Owe. And my body isn't just sore from the pole, this character role takes a lot out of me physically; a lot more than you'd think.

Ok, enough about the freaking show! I'm going to try to think positive from now on!

Hope ya'll have a super fantastic Wednesday! As long as the sun stays out, I know I will!

Totally just read thru this post and it IS random....geez Linds, get with it!

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  1. Linds, I so wish I was around so that I could come see you play MIMI!!! What is Tommy's role, again? You may be exerting yourself a lot lately, and where its difficult now, these are the things you're going to look back on. What an amazing experience:)

    any chance at getting a video of your show?!