Friday, April 2, 2010

Stressssssed out.

I just haven't been in the blogging mood lately. I've been totally stressed and the fact that I'm trying to hide my stress is NOT helping. This last week I've had 3 days off work to spend with Brogan. It's been helping keep my mind off of things (things meaning, our show--Rent) and we've been having fun! We've gone for walks, played outside, and today we even dyed Easter eggs with my MIL. And tomorrow I think we'll do our own here at home. I wish I could spend my evenings with Brogan and Tommy AT HOME. Now that the weather is staying nice, it's lighter later, and we FINALLY have screens on our windows, it's so hard to leave at night when there is a whole lotta playing left to do. I know it's good for us to be doing this show with each other and I am having a good time. I ALWAYS stress the last few weeks of rehearsal but this time, it's totally different. I think I'm almost scared. This is a huge show and a huge role. I just want to do it justice and I don't want to disappoint. Plus, this is the first show I've done with this director and as he is amazingly talented, he does things quite a bit different than what I'm used to. I just want to snap my fingers and be in mid May.

And on top of getting ready for this show to open, I'm also planning a baby shower for my sister that will be the weekend after the show is over. AND she's not finding out what she's having till April 12th which kinda puts a 'hold' on planning. I have several ideas, but I can't really plan a whole lot without knowing the sex. UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Ok, I'm gonna go take a nice, long shower and try to calm down. I've seemed to gotten myself a tad worked up.

If you have a spare moment, could you say a little prayer for me. I just need God to calm me down and give me some confidence/strength. It may not sound like a big 'this girl needs prayer' moment, but for me, it is. Step inside my body for a day with all this stress and you'll want to get the hell outta there ASAP!

And last but not least: I am thankful for my God! He sent His son to die for me today! AMEN!

I hope you all have a happy Easter!

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  1. You are so funny! I will say a prayer for your stress level girl! And..about the show...keep are awesome, beautiful, funny and very talented! Remember, we have no clue what is "supposed" to happen during the show, so if you have to fudge a few what?? We all came because we love you, and support you!

    So, you heard it from me first "break a leg" :)

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Monica at Pixel Perfect and had to come say hello. I feel like we are running parallel lives - I have a 19 month old son, have been married 3 years this month, and have been with my hubs for 10 years this year! How exciting that you have a show coming up, and that you're doing such a thing as nice as throwing a shower for your sister! I hope you have been able to calm down and know that it will all work out! Nice to "meet" you!

  3. I think everyone I know including me is stressed out...

    Happy Easter....On Sunday night I will be drawing for