Monday, April 26, 2010

Shopping is NEEDED!

I have been working semi-hard to get to a physical 'state' where I'm comfortable. I'm almost there! I have hit a weight that I'm super proud of but outside appearance could use some work, in my eyes. But despite that, I'm needing NEW CLOTHES! Plus, I just want them. And that's reason enough to go shopping :)

Let's just talk about some things I WANT:

These adorable shoes....I might be ordering them today, actually.

Ok so I just lied....I totally just bought these both! Oops! :)

I also need some new capris! I've gone down a couple sizes so most of my pants from last summer (or the summer before I was preggers, which has now been 3 years now, right? I think...) are too big.

And I just bought some new capris and a cute new ring from Charlotte Russe!

I've been browsing in the middle of typing out this post....oops! But everything has been on sale AND for CR, I had a friends and family 25% coupon! Sometimes I really hate spending money on myself, but sometimes you just have to, especially if you have no clothes that fit!

It's my reward, right? :)

So much for my previous sentence of 'thing I want' and now it's things I HAVE! :) Well not technically have yet, but they're on their way!

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