Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm. So. READY!


Plus This:

(I look NOTHING like this silhouette but you get the!)

Equals This:


We open our show on Friday but we have our first official audience tomorrow. This last Monday, we started our tech rehearsals...mics, make up, costumes, lights, etc. It has made this show feel much more real! I really have felt in touch with my character. Our costumes are great -- even if mine aren't matchy matchy like I usually am -- and I have been in LOVE with my make up! A sweet girl named Emily has been helping me and she is amazing! She is a makeup artist and has SO many fun things to play with! Every night my eye's will be a different color! So. Much. Fun!

This weekend, I will have someone in the audience every night. It makes me super nervous but my excitement over rides the nervousness! Tomorrow, my parents and good friends Kim and Kelli will be there; Friday, my divas, my in laws, and a friend from out of town (who I haven't seen in FOREVER! I cried when she told me she was going to make it!); Saturday, my sister and brother in law, and I know someone else is coming but I just can't think of who; and Sunday, my best friend, her fiance, and her mom!

This 'ride' has been so exhausting, physically and emotionally but it's been worth it!

'No Day But Today!'

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  1. Good luck. I'll have to see if I can come see you. I bet you'll do great!