Friday, April 16, 2010

Brogan's Big Adventure

On Sunday, Brogan got to experience something HUGE!

A real, live horse!

My father in law's sister in law owns a ranch and obviously has horses. My in laws have been wanting to take Brogan to ride a horse for the longest time and it just worked out perfect last Sunday! I was a little nervous only because horses are SO big! But he did great and loved every minute! I think his favorite part was hearing the horses 'neigh' and leading the horse 'on his own'. We made a huge deal out of it with lots of cheering and clapping -- but not to loud, didn't want to upset the LARGE horses!

I'm so proud of my fearless little boy! Although, he could not be so fearless when it comes to certain things, like walking off the front porch by himself without holding on to anything. Just sayin'. The joys of having a boy I guess!

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  1. Hey! So how cute is your blog??!! I love it!

    So I wish I could take credit for the cake pops... here is the best place to get a step by step how to.. this lady is amazing! (Look in the top left hand side of her blog for bites and pops.