Friday, May 22, 2009

A Crazy Few Days

The last few days have been full of very fun and very sad, scary things. Let's start with the sad and scary so we end on a good note!

First off, Wednesday afternoon my mom called and informed me that one of her best friend's husband, who is also my eye doctor, passed away from Cancer that had compeltely taken over his body. We were all aware that he was pretty sick but had no idea that it would take him away so soon. Dr. Charles Schaible was such a caring and giving man. I'm so sad for his family, especially his wife Jane and their son Chris. Praise our God that Charlie was strong in his faith! He's with his Father today! **Tomorrow, 5/23/09, is Charlie's funeral. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers**

Second, last night we got a phone call from Tommy's mom that our cousins 16 month old daughter, Payton, was being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Apparently, Payton had been running a fever at daycare but had seemed to be acting ok so their daycare provider just gave her some Tylenol and told her parents not to worry about getting her. After they picked her up from daycare, her fever continued to rise. Shawn and Kelly, Payton's parents, had taken off her clothes to help cool her off and Payton had just fallen asleep. Shawn decided to change her diaper and when she was on her changing table, she began to have a seizure. Shawn didn't panic and was trying to keep Kelly calm, who by the way is 9 months pregnant, when Payton stopped breathing. Shawn then started to panic and proceded to start CPR on Payton. He got her to breathe again and by that time 911 had been called. A long story already long but cut shorter....Payton is fine! They released her last night and said that the fever brought on her seizure. Hopefully this was a one time accurance and it won't ever happen again! That sweet girl sure scared us!!! PRAISE GOD FOR A HEALTHY LITTLE GIRL!!!

And now on to the fun part of our last 3 days (see the pics as well)! My friend Rachel, her son Aidyn, Brogan, and myself went to the zoo yesterday! We had so much fun and it was a blast seeing the kids get so excited about the animals. After we left the zoo, we decided to ride the train; something I hadn't done since I was REALLY little! Brogan had the widest eyes and just looked around the whole time. When it came to the part of the tunnel, I was a little worried about how he'd react. Usually kids scream, on purpose, in the tunnel and I wasn't exactly ready for a screaming baby! But he did GREAT! Never made a peep...and the kids on the train didn't scream so that helped! It was so great to spend time with Rachel and Aidyn. She's one of my oldest friends and we don't get to see each other often. So, when we do see each other, we try to make the most of it! Not to get in to details about her but please pray for her. She's going through some crazy stuff right now and she needs TONS of prayers!!!!!!! PRAY IT UP FOR RACHEL!!!!!!!!

Have a super fantastic holiday weekend!


  1. Linds-you look awesome, and your little man is gonna break hearts with those eyes!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am sorry to hear about everything!!!

    Looks like you guys had fun at the zoo! So sweet!! ;)

  3. Love the zoo pics! Super cute shirt friend, do tell where you got it? I need to see B soon!